Australian Combustion Dudes 1: Jane Sexton

Jane Sexton explains how free-radical scavenging is analogous to a well-known arcade game. The power of this theory, the product of a liquid lunch, has yet to be fully appreciated in the literature. In addition to her contributions to mathematical physical chemistry Jane has also advanced the art of sandwich ordering. I hope procure an audio file of Jane in action.

Dr. Jane Sexton, 27th February 1998
Dr. Jane Sexton, 27th February 1998, Australian Defence Force Academy, Canberra, Australia. Photograph by Mark Nelson.

When I saw Jane at the 2000 ANZIAM meeting she gave me some excellent advice. A the conference meal you should try to sit: (a) with your back to the after-dinner speakers and (b) facing the free-bar. If it isn't possible to optimise both constraints go for (b). (However, if the free-alcohol on offer is Australian `beer' I'd have to disagree with Jane and go for (a).)

Dr. Jane Sexton points imperiously to her right, knees invisible in this shot! 12th February 1999 Dr. Jane Sexton stands straight, transparencies at the read
y: 12th February 1999
Dr. M.J. Sexton giving a presentation at the Combustion Meeting in Honour of Professor B.F. Gray, 11-12 February 1999, Mollymook, NSW, Australia. Photograph by Mark Nelson.

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