Index of Photographs


American Dudes
  1. John Buckmaster (combustion dude, but not as we know it).
  2. Ed Heffern (coal dude)

Australian Dudes
  1. Jane Sexton.
  2. Brian Gray.
  3. Rodney Weber.
  4. Geoff Mercer.
  5. Harvinder Sidhu
  6. Larry Forbes and Tim Marchant.

British Dudes
  1. Andy McIntosh.
  2. John Billingham.
  3. John Brindley.
  4. Mark Nelson.
  5. Stephen Scott.

Kiwi Dudes
  1. Graeme Wake.
  2. Easwaran Balakrishnan,
    Graeme Wake and Dong Chen,
    Easwaran Balakrishnan, Graeme Wake & MIN.
  3. X. Dong Chen and Rose Gong.

More Kiwi dudes
  1. Alex McNabb, Tony Bracken, MIN and Graeme Wake.
    Bob Broughton & Graeme Wake.

Variations on a theme
  1. After the seminar the discussion continues (November 1998).
  2. After the seminar the discussion continues Part Two (October 2003).
  3. BFG65 meeting (May 1999).
  4. Combustion dudes hard at work (December 1998).
  5. Mirror, mirror, on the wall.
  6. ADFA dudes (circa 2000).

Wollongong dudes
  1. At MISG 2004.

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