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Bachelor of Exercise Science and Rehabilitation


The Bachelor of Exercise Science and Rehabilitation emphasises professional development and is designed to provide students with opportunities to gain clinical skills through work experience within the department’s Exercise Science and Rehabilitation Centre and other clinical application placement programs operating within the community. Graduates are trained to utilise exercise as an intervention to maintain and improve health and fitness and rehabilitate after injury or disease.

Entry Requirements / Assumed Knowledge

Domestic school leavers are assumed to have completed any two units of English, plus four units of Science and/or Maths. International students are required to have achieved an IELTS score of 6, with a level of 6 in reading and writing, and 5 in speaking and listening.

NSW Health Employment Requirements: The NSW Health Department requires all staff and students undertaking clinical placements in positions dealing with children and patients vulnerable by reason of health status, to undergo a criminal record and vaccination record status check before employment or placement in any capacity in the NSW health system. For further information, refer to the Additional Information section at the end of this chapter.

Advanced Standing

Undergraduate students wishing to transfer into the Bachelor of Exercise Science and Rehabilitation degree may apply upon completion of the first two years of the BSc (Exercise Science) or BSc (Exercise Science and Nutrition) degrees (or other approved degree programs). Selection is based on University results over that time.

Course Requirements

The Bachelor of Exercise Science & Rehabilitation degree is comprised of 178 credit points of core subjects with the balance (at least 14 credit points) to be taken as elective subjects from the Health and Behavioural Sciences or Science Schedules. Further, at least 88 credit points will be at 300 and/or 400-level, including at least 40 credit points at the 400-level.

Year 1   Credit Points
BMS101 Systemic Anatomy 6
BMS103 Human Growth, Nutrition and Exercise 6
CHEM101 Chemistry 1A: Physical and General Chemistry (or CHEM104) 6
PSYC101 Introduction to Behavioural Science 6
BMS112 Human Physiology I: Principles and Systems 6
BIOL103 Molecules, Cells and Organisms 6
CHEM102 Chemistry 1B: Organic and Physical Chemistry (or CHEM105) 6
STAT151 Introduction to the Concept and Practice of Statistics 6
Year 2    
BMS202 Human Physiology II: Control Mechanisms 6
BMS211 Foundations of Biomechanics 6
BIOL213 Principles of Biochemistry 6
PSYC216 Psychology of Physical Activity 6
BMS203 Musculoskeletal Functional Anatomy 6
BMS204 Introduction to Pathophysiology 6
BMS242 Exercise Physiology 6
plus a further six credit points from:
BIOL214 Biochemistry of Energy and Metabolism 6
MGMT102 Business Communications 6
POP101 Population Health - Current Health Issues and Their Determinants 6
POP203 Health Policy 6
POP204 Epidemiology 6
Year 3    
BMS342 Advanced Exercise Physiology 8
BMS344 Cardiorespiratory Physiology 8
BEXS351 Exercise Prescription 1: Strength and Conditioning 8
BMS346 Motor Control and Dysfunction 8
BEXS352 Exercise Prescription 2: Aerobic Fitness 8
plus a further subject from:
BMS341 Clinical Biomechanics
Or other approved subject
Year 4    
BEXS411 Practicum in Exercise Science A 8
BEXS451 Exercise Rehabilitation 1: Musculoskeletal 8
BEXS452 Exercise Rehabilitation 2: Cardiorespiratory and Neurological 8
BMS303 Research Topics in Exercise Science 8
BEXS402 Exercise in Special Populations 8
BEXS412 Practicum in Exercise Science B 8


Students should refer to the Department for information about Honours.

Professional Recognition

Graduates may become members of the Australian Association for Exercise and Sport Science and achieve professional accreditation with further work experience.


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