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Bachelor of Science - Bachelor of Mathematics

This double degree allows students with a strong Mathematics background to pursue major in an area of Mathematics while at the same time majoring in one of the disciplines offered by the Faculty of Science.

There is potential for students who are well trained in Mathematics/Statistics to excel in core studies in the Science Faculty (for example Geographical Information Systems, Ecology, Biotechnology). Such students would be very competitive in job markets and highly trained to carry out further study in a research degree.
Entry Requirements / Assumed Knowledge
New South Wales HSC University Admission Index (UAI) of 78 (or equivalent). The UAI is reviewed each year.

Assumed knowledge: Two unit Mathematics or higher plus any two units of English, and any two units of Science. Students who have not completed Chemistry and/or Biology at the HSC are strongly recommended to enrol in bridging courses offered in February each year.

Course Requirements
The double degree consists of 216 credit points of which 102 credit points are for Mathematics/Statistics subjects, 90 credit points for Science subjects (including a major), and 24 credit points of elective subjects.

The degree must include:

1. From Science:

  • 24 credit points at 100 level in two discipline areas of Biology, Chemistry or Geosciences
  • 24 credit points at 200 level from at least one major in Biology, Chemistry or Geosciences
  • 24 credit points at 300 level from at least one major in Biology, Chemistry or Geosciences
  • A total of 60 credit points from a major in Biology, Chemistry or Geosciences
  • A total of 90 credit points from the Science schedule

2. From Mathematics/Statistics:

  • MATH187 and MATH188
  • CSCI114
  • MATH111 or MATH212
  • MATH121 or MATH222
  • STAT131 or STAT231 (to be chosen in consultation with an academic advisor)
  • MATH201, MATH202, MATH203 and MATH204
  • MATH212 or MATH222
  • At least 36 credit points of 300 level mathematics and statistics

3. Not more than 60 credit points can be taken at 100 level


  1. The subjects MATH302, MATH305, MATH312 and MATH313 are recommended for students majoring in Mathematics but are not compulsory.
  2. The subject MATH222 is a prerequisite for the subjects MATH323 and MATH372.
  3. The Assoc Dean of Science must approve variations in course structure after consultation with the relevant subject coordinator(s).
  4. STAT131 and CSCI114 may be taken in the first year.
  5. Students wishing to major in Statistics should complete all the statistics subjects listed in the suggested program of study.
  6. STAT131 or STAT231 can be substituted for STAT252, which is required or recommended in some Science majors.
  7. Students majoring in Statistics satisfy any requirement for STAT252 in a Science major.

Students who complete the double degree with the required academic standard in the relevant major are eligible for entry into either BSc (Honours) or BMath (Honours).

Other Information
For further information contact the Faculty of Science Office, 41.258, or telephone 42213481, web site: www.uow.edu.au/science/

The Degree Coordinator is the Associate Dean, Associate Professor Ted Bryant, 41.259, telephone 4221 3172


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