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Bachelor of Engineering (Civil)

The Civil Engineering course aims to provide students with broad-based knowledge, training, skills and experience in areas required for practice in civil engineering. Upon satisfactory completion of the course students should be able to practise in areas requiring skills for planning, design and construction of buildings and bridges, dams, harbours, water supply systems, waste management systems, airports, roads, tunnels and railways. Graduates, therefore, will be able to integrate technical, planning, organisational, management and financial skills, with an emphasis on those areas as their talents allow.

Study Options

The degree can be combined with Environmental or Mining Engineering in second year. Double degrees are also available.

Course Program

Subjects   Credit Points
Year 1
CHEM103 Chemistry for Engineers 6
ENGG101 Foundations of Engineering 6
ENGG153 Engineering Materials 6
MATH141 Mathematics 1C Part 1 6
MATH187 Mathematics 1A Part 1 and 6
ENGG152 Engineering Mechanics 6
ENGG154 Engineering Design & Innovation 6
MATH142 Mathematics 1C Part 2 6
MATH188 Mathematics 1A Part 2 6
PHYS143 Physics for Engineers 6
Year 2
CIVIL196 Engineering Computing 1 6
ENGG251 Mechanics of Solids 6
ENGG252 Engineering Fluid Mechanics 6
MATH283 Mathematics 2E for Engineers Part 1 6
CIVL245 Construction Materials 6
CIVL272 Surveying 6
ECTE290 Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering 6
EESC252 Geology for Engineers 1 6
Year 3
CIVL311 Structural Design 1 6
CIVL352 Structures 1 6
CIVL361 Geomechanics 1 6
CIVL392 Engineering Computing 2 6
CIVL314 Structural Design 2 6
CIVL322 Hydraulics and Hydrology 6
CIVL394 Construction 6
ENGG361 Project & Business Management 6
Year 4
CIVL462 Geomechanics 2 6
CIVL489 Roads Engineering 6
ENGG461 Project Management and Human Factors in Engineering 6
CIVL444 Civil Engineering Design 6
CIVL454 Structures 2 6
ENGG452 Thesis A 12
and 1 elective, or 6
ENGG453** Thesis B 18
ENGG454 Professional Experience 0
CIVL415 Structural Design 3 6
CIVL457 Structures 3 6
CIVL463 Geomechanics 3 6
CIVL487 Traffic Engineering 6
CIVL491 Engineering Computing 3 6
CIVL495 Public Health Engineering 6
ECON101 Macroeconomic Essentials for Business 6
ECON111 Introductory Microeconomics 6
ECON215 Microeconomic Theory and Policy 6
EESC208 Environmental Impact of Socities 6
EESC210 Social Spaces: Rural & Urban 6
EESC305 Remote Sensing of the Environment 6
MINE311 Surface Mining and Blasting 6

* Not all electives may be available every year – check subject timetable.

** 18cp thesis is equivalent to the 12cp thesis and one 6cp elective.



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