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Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology

This degree is designed to provide graduates with the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful in the dynamic and changing world of Information Technology (IT).
The degree meets the needs of future IT professionals by ensuring students are taught foundation skills in areas such as programming, World Wide Web applications and the technical management of IT. In addition, students are equipped with the knowledge that enables them to make sense of changing business environments, the role of IT in this change and where this change is likely to lead.

In providing a multi-disciplinary approach to the study of Information Technology (IT), students may combine the major studies listed above or complete a second major in an area such as Electronic Commerce, Data Analysis, Marketing or Modelling.
In addition, students may choose subjects from Multimedia, Management, Law, Communications and Science and Technology Studies.

Students are awarded an Honours degree if they perform at a sufficiently high level throughout their studies and enrol in the research project subjects in their fourth year.

Entry Requirements / Assumed Knowledge
Approximate UAI: 80
Assumed Knowledge: Any two units of English plus Mathematics
For entry requirements for students 21 and over or international students, please refer to the relevant prospectus.

Advanced Standing
Information about Approved Credit Transfer Arrangements with domestic providers is available at: www.uow.edu.au/handbook/generalcourserules/UOW028672.html
Information about Approved Credit Transfer Arrangements with international providers is available at: www.uow.edu.au/prospective/international/credit

Course Requirements

A candidate must satisfactorily complete the following requirements to be eligible for the award of the degree of Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology:

  1. Candidates must satisfactorily complete at least 192 credit points of subjects prescribed in one of the major studies listed above. The programs listed above are guidelines as to how best to proceed through the course. Candidates may enrol as they see fit, but must satisfactorily complete all prescribed compulsory subjects, and the credit points prescribed for electives, and satisfy all other requirements listed below to be eligible for the award.
  2. No more than 60 credit points may be 100-level subjects.
  3. At least 36 credit points must be 300-level subjects.
  4. At least 42 credit points must be chosen from the IACT 400-Level Subject List.
  5. All students must satisfactorily complete one of IACT450 or IACT451 (admission to IACT450 is subject to conditions noted in paragraph 6 below). Students may not gain credit for the completion of both subjects.
  6. To be eligible for the award of honours, candidates must satisfactorily complete IACT441 and IACT450 within the 42 credit points prescribed in requirement 4.
  7. Entry to IACT441 will be based on:
    1. overall academic performance,
    2. either a weighted average mark (WAM) of at least 67.5 or, where a student has articulated into the program and has completed less than 48 credit points at UOW, a weighted GPA based on prior qualification plus WAM for session completed at UOW, and
    3. approval from the Head of School.
    Candidates should refer to the Course Rules for calculations of WAMs.

Industry Placement
BInfoTech students must satisfactorily complete two 8 week periods of approved industry placement, assessed in the form of written reports. These are normally undertaken in the summer sessions at the end of second and third year.

In exceptional circumstances where a student has proven substantive work experience in relevant industry they may apply to be exempted from the Industry placement, but, if approved, will be required to undertake an alternative task(s) as specified by the Head of School.

Major Study Areas

Students enrolled in this degree can must complete one of the following approved major studies or combined major studies:

Combined Majors:

  • Software Engineering / Network and Systems Management (ITEB)
  • Software Engineering / Business Information Systems (ITED)
  • Network and Systems Management / Business Information Systems (ITBD)
  • Software Engineering / Marketing (ITEE)
  • Network and Systems Management / Marketing (ITBE)
  • Business Information Systems / Marketing (ITDE)
  • Software Engineering / Data Analysis (ITEF)
  • Network and Systems Management / Data Analysis (ITBF)
  • Business Information Systems / Data Analysis (ITDF)
  • Software Engineering / Modelling (ITEG)
  • Network and Systems Management / Modelling (ITBG)
  • Business Information Systems / Modelling (ITDG)
  • Software Engineering / Electronic Commerce (ITEH)
  • Network and Systems Management / Electronic Commerce (ITBH)
  • Business Information Systems / Electronic Commerce (ITDH)
  • Business Information Systems / eBusiness Management (ITDI)
  • Business Information Systems / eBusiness Technologies (ITDJ)
  • eBusiness Management / Network and Systems Management (ITIB)
  • eBusiness Management / Software Engineering (ITIE)
  • eBusiness Management / eBusiness Technologies (ITIJ)
  • eBusiness Management / Marketing (ITIK)
  • eBusiness Technologies / Network and Systems Management (ITJB)
  • eBusiness Technologies / Software Engineering (ITJE)
  • eBusiness Technologies / Marketing (ITJK)

Additional Subjects

The following subjects are approved for inclusion in the BInfoTech degree.

When choosing subjects from the Additional Subject List, it is recommended that students examine sequences suggested in the handouts produced by the School. Check subject information to ensure that pre- and co-requisites are met.


To qualify for an award of Honours students must satisfactorily complete IACT441 and IACT450 and any other requirements listed in Year 4 (Honours) of one of the Major study programs listed above.

Students intending to do Honours should apply and be accepted by the end of December of the previous year.

Professional Recognition
The major studies in Business Information Systems, Network and Systems Management and Software Engineering are accredited by the Australian Computer Society as meeting requirements for membership at a ‘Professional level’.

Accreditation for the major studies in eBusiness Management and eBusiness Technologies is being sought in 2005.


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