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Master of Health Informatics


Health services in Australia, as in most countries, are experiencing a surge of interest and investment in e-health. This program is designed to provide IT professionals with a better understanding of the specifics of health informatics and provide health professionals with a better understanding of IT within their industry. The program aims to equip graduates with an understanding of the health sector, and of the application of relevant systems, in order to take on key roles in successful strategy development and health systems projects.

Entry Requirements / Assumed Knowledge

A three-year degree equivalent to an Australian Bachelors with a major in Informatics Technology, Computer Science, or a similar degree related to ICT, or a health science degree with an average of at least 60%, plus at least one year (full time) or two years (part-time) employment in a position related to Health.

Course Requirements

Candidates must successfully complete 8 subjects, which includes:

  1. Three Core Subjects (18cp); and
  2. Five subjects (30cp) chosen from the list of electives below, or three subjects (18cp) plus the Research Report (12cp).

Course Program

Subjects   Credit Points
Core Subjects
IACT917 Information Management 6
ITCS929 Concepts and Issues in Healthcare Computing 6
ITCS930 Introduction to Health Informatics 6
Elective Subjects

Plus at least 30 credit points from the following:*

GHMD909 Comparative Health Systems: Policies and Politics 6
GHMD924 Health Information Systems 6
GHMD983 Statistics in Health Research 6
IACT901 IT Strategic Planning 6
IACT902 Applied Project Management 6
IACT905 Information Technology and Innovation 6
IACT906 Business On-Line 6
IACT940 Research Methodology 6
IACT950 Research Report 12
INFO911 Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery 6
ITCS905 Information Technology B 6
ITCS908 Citizens' Rights in the Information Society 6
or any other subject approved by the Head of School or the Course Co-ordinator/s.
* Not all subjects may be available every year. In addition, an IT background is assumed for some of the listed electives. Students should consult with the course coordinator to ensure appropriate subjects chosen.

Other Information

Students may be able to undertake some subjects for this degree at the Sydney Business School. Please refer to the University Subject Database for availability.

Students enrolled in the Master of Health Informatics may apply to graduate with a Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics after satisfactory completion of at least 24 credit points, which must include the three core subjects IACT917, ITCS929 and ITCS930, and one 6 credit point elective subject chosen from the above list.


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