Performance Indicators

Universities are overflowing with data. Prospective students submit entry applications, administration run payroll, faculties’ enter assessment results and academics win grants to conduct new research. With source systems overflowing with information, the need to streamline data has become increasingly necessary. Hence, a UOW Business Intelligence Competency Centre (BICC) was conceived in 1999. The BICC was formally named, the Performance Indicators unit.

The Performance Indicators Unit exists to manage and provide accessible and integrated reporting and analysis solutions through a secure, web-based system.

Performance Indicators

The Univeristy of Wollongong's Business Intelligence journey began with the initial implementation of reporting and analytics over their financial and human resource data.

The Business Intelligence implementation now covers 7 key perspectives.

Seven Key Perspective

  • Students, Teaching and Learning
  • Business Process and Operations
  • Finance
  • Staff and Workplace Satisfaction
  • Research
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Community and International Focus

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