Data Quality

Data Quality Initiatives

In 2009 the University Administration who collectively own most of the University’s key systems undertook a organisation wide quality survey. In that survey provision of high quality data was the 3rd most important theme for the University with a 97.3% response rate.

Our Data Quality Strategy encompasses the following key points:

  1. Exception Reporting is now a critical and compulsory part of all projects and the data quality report specifications have just been added to our default business requirements documentation
  2. Source System Managers have been engaged to help champion source system data quality issues. In some cases this has resulted in new quality procedures for handling the flow on effects of data quality and changing the priority of the quality of some source system fields
  3. The definition of data quality has been changed to include any instance where a user feels the data is wrong. They are all handled as priority 1 cases even if the majority of them are not issues in the source system data
  4. Senior manager visibility has been increased through delivery of a plain language data quality register to monthly directors meetings
  5. Data Quality has been incorporated into all user training as a topic focusing on how to help us identify data quality, what to do when you find it, why the users are so important in this process and what the team do when an issue arises
  6. The new data quality focus has been incorporated into University communication materials including newsletters
  7. Where the data quality issues results from poor procedure or practice the University’s quality assurance teams are being engaged to manage the issue and its improvement
  8. Continuing to make more information about the underlying rules and assumptions in data available, focussing on education of data usage and interpretation


Last reviewed: 11 September, 2009