UOW Big Ideas Festival

The UOW Big Ideas Festival is back!

Wednesday, 4 October 2017
5pm - 9pm, University Hall, UOW
Registration opens at 4pm

The UOW Big Ideas Festival is a showcase of the University’s ground-breaking research from our outstanding researchers. This free event for the community will see some of UOW's newest Professors present an 8-10 minute talk on their big research idea - on the stage of the University Hall. As well, there will be a special guest speaker: prominent environmentalist Professor Tim Flannery, interactive research stalls from key University research areas, and music and entertainment. 

Our UOW Big Ideas Speakers for 2017...

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   Previous UOW Big Ideas Festivals have been held in 2015 and 2013: you can browse videos, photos and topics of our previous talks and events at Big Ideas 2013 and Big Ideas 2015