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Addressing issues of global importance


The University Global Partnership Network (UGPN) sets out to create a foundation for international collaboration enabling academics and students from some of the world's top universities to work together on issues of global importance.

The Universidade de São Paulo, North Carolina State University and the University of Surrey are the founding members of the University Global Partnership Network (UGPN).

During November 2015, the UOW accepted an invitation to join the University Global Partnership Network (UGPN) as the Australasian member.

Through this network, joint research activities will be developed as well as opportunities for students to undertake study or research placements at partner universities.

Research Collaboration Fund

The fifth call for RCF funding closed on May 3, 2016, accepting for the first time bids including collaborative activities across four Partner Universities, as well as trilateral and bilateral collaborations.

In total, eight projects were selected to receive funding - six of which involve the UOW:

1. Inflammation, advancing age and nutrition (Quadrilateral) - A/Prof. Karen Charlton
2. Advanced Sodium-Ion batteries (Bi-lateral, NCSU-UOW) - Dr Shulei Chou and Dr Wenping Sun

3. Integration of in-vitro and in-silico models for non-animal skin research (Bilateral, Surrey-USP)
4. Next generation environmental sensing for local to global scale health impact assessment (Quadrilateral) - Dr Clare Murphy and A/Prof. Stephen Wilson
5. Novel anti-biofilm agents in the fight against multi-drug resistant bacterial pathogens (Trilateral, NCSU-Surrey-UOW) - A/Prof. Michael Kelso
6. International alliance for Population, Wellbeing and Environment research (Bilateral, NCSU-UOW) - A/Prof. Thomas Astell-Burt and Dr Xiaoqi Feng
7. Hexagonal boron nitride nanosheets for advanced nanoscale electronics and radiation shielding (Trilateral, NCSU-UOW-Surrey) - Dr Zhenguo Huang

8. Whither youth crime (Bilateral, Surrey-USP)

NOTE: The sixth call for funding is scheduled for April 2017 - UOW staff can access information about the Research Collaboration Fund and other useful documents on the following intranet page


Attending the 2017 UGPN Annual Meeting in Brazil

Expressions of interest were sought from UOW researchers and HDR students to be part of the UOW Delegation to attend the 2017 University Global Partnership Network (UGPN) annual meeting and workshops in Brazil from Monday 3rd - Wednesday 5th April.
The Delegation to Brazil will have the opportunity to meet with their existing/potential collaborators, connect with others within the UGPN network, attend one of the 4 workshops (listed below), and be likely to submit an application for the 2017 UGPN Research Collaboration Fund (RCF). (Note - The next round of funding for the RCF will be launched at the 2017 UGPN annual meeting).

The four academic workshops will focus on the following themes:
• New Materials & Photonics (São Carlos Campus – Prof. Cleber Renato Mendonça, Session Convener)
• Natural Resources: Agriculture & Biomass Production (Piracicaba – Prof. Carlos Eduardo Cerri, Session Convener)
• Health & Biomedical-Related Technologies (Medical School / USP – Prof. Idagene Cestari, Session Convener)
• Early Years Development (School of Sciences Arts & Humanities - Eastern campus/ USP – Prof. Alex Florindo, Session Convener)


What the UGPN partnership means for UOW

  • Increase our global impact
  • Strengthen our research and teaching collaboration to extend the quality of our programs
  • Greater focus for staff and student mobility

Mission and impact of the UGPN

The mission of the UGPN is to develop sustainable world-class research, education and knowledge transfer through an active international network of selected universities collaborating in research, learning and teaching to benefit our global society.

The depth and breadth of the relationship between UGPN members has continued to expand resulting in a range of new opportunities across academic disciplines.

To date, the UGPN has achieved:

  • A five-fold increase in undergraduate and postgraduate student and staff mobility between the partners
  • Joint research in a range of areas, including sleep, climate change, global public health, and translation resulting in more than 22 research outputs in high-impact journals - 14 of which were published in 2014
  • Applications for collaborative research bids with a value of over one and a half million pounds

The UGPN annual meeting hosted at UOW

From 29th Feb - 3rd March 2016 key staff from the UGPN visited the UOW for the annual meeting, and to attend customised workshops. It was an opportunity for staff and researchers to connect with our new partners and to learn more about the research programs and opportunities for students. Read More about the Meeting and Workshops


For further enquiries about the Network please contact: who is the UOW's UGPN contact.

Last reviewed: 18 January, 2017