Council and its Committees


The University of Wollongong Act 1989 (as amended) provides that the governing authority of the University shall be the Council. The Council acts for and on behalf of the University and controls and manages the University's affairs.

2014 Council Photo

The Council Members

Prof Jacqui Ramagge (no longer on Council); Mr Bradley Parkinson; Mr Peter Fitzgerald; A/Prof Rodney Vickers; Ms Theresa Hoynes;  Prof Paul Wellings CBE (Vice-Chancellor); Mr Robert Ryan; Ms Jillian Broadbent AO (Chancellor); Dr Stephen Andersen OAM; Mr Dom Figliomeni; Mr Geoff O'Donnell; Dr Elizabeth Magassy; Ms Jane Bridge; Mr Paul Ell (no longer on Council); Mr Noel Cornish (Deputy Chancellor); Mr Michael Zelinksy

Absent: Ms Nieves Murray; Prof Wilma Vialle; Dr Alex Zelinsky, Ms Alyssa Royters



Meeting Dates and Deadlines

Six meetings are normally held in alternate months from February each year.

A quorum consists of a majority of the total number of members.

Agenda and Council Papers

The Agenda is sent to all members, at least one week in advance of a meeting.
The minutes are circulated to members after the meeting for confirmation at the following meeting.

The Secretary to the Council

The Chief Administrative Officer, Ms Melva Crouch, is the Secretary to the Council. She is responsible for the preparation and issue of all Council documents. She is assisted by the Deputy Secretary, Dr Nancy Huggett.

Public Access to Meetings

The Council resolved in August 1975 that Council meetings would be open to members of the University (although attendance is limited to 10). Members of the University wishing to attend a Council meeting should contact Dr Huggett, Deputy Secretary to Council, in advance of the meeting.The Vice-Chancellor arranges for decisions of the Council to be reported to the press whenever this is appropriate.

Status of Council Committees

The Act provides that the Council may by resolution delegate all or any of its powers and functions under the Act, except the power of delegation itself, to any members or to any committee of its members, or to any officer or officers of the University. Committees of Council may decide matters within delegations received from the Council, but otherwise make recommendations to the Council.

Committee Dates

The Schedule includes meeting details for University Council and Council committees, Academic Senate and its committees, as well as Faculty and other University Committees.