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17 August 2007

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1 January 2008

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August 2012

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University Council

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Executive Director, Learning and Teaching, Academic Services Division

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Academic Services Division in collaboration with Faculty Education Committees

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UOW Graduate Qualities: Faculty Implementation Guidelines

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Code of Practice – Teaching and Assessment
Code of Practice – Supervision

Code of Practice – Student Professional Experience

Academic Review Policy

UOW Strategic Plan 2011 - 2013


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  • 1 Purpose of Policy 3
  • 2 Definitions 3
  • 3 Application & Scope 3
  • 4 UOW Graduate Qualities 3
  • 5 Faculty/Discipline Graduate Qualities 4
  • 6 Roles & Responsibilities 4
  • 7 Monitoring 5
  • 8 Version Control and Change History 5

1 Purpose of Policy

  • 1. This policy describes the distinctive qualities of a graduate of the University of Wollongong (“the UOW Graduate Qualities”). These qualities will equip UOW graduates for roles in society and the workplace.
  • 2. These UOW Graduate Qualities will guide:
        • a. UOW students, who develop personally and professionally as they progress through their courses;
        • b. UOW and UOW College staff, who are engaged in curriculum development, learning and teaching strategies, evaluation and assessment practices;
        • c. UOW Higher Degree Research (HDR) supervisors, in their role of supporting and mentoring HRD students.
  • 3. This policy and the UOW Graduate Qualities: Faculty Implementation Guidelines replace the Tertiary Literacies Policy and Procedures, the Attributes of a UOW Graduate and the Attributes of a UOW Research Graduate.

2 Definitions

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3 Application & Scope

  • 1. All sections of this policy apply to all undergraduate (including Honours) and postgraduate coursework degrees of the University of Wollongong.
  • 2. Sections 1, 2, 3 and 4 of this policy also apply to:
        • a. UOW enabling programs delivered by UOW College; and
        • b. UOW College courses/programs which provide entry pathways into UOW courses, to ensure that students in non-degree programs are provided with opportunities to develop generic qualities and skills relevant to their level of studies and which contribute to the development of the UOW Graduate Qualities.
  • 3. The development of the UOW Graduate Qualities shall also be a consideration when the University is developing articulation pathways into UOW programs with other non-UOW education providers.
  • 4. The UOW Graduate Qualities set out in section 3 of this policy will guide HDR supervisors in supporting HDR students to further develop the generic qualities and skills that they have acquired during previous university studies.

4 UOW Graduate Qualities

  • 1. This section outlines the University of Wollongong Graduate Qualities.
  • 2. University of Wollongong is committed to developing graduates who are:
        • a. Informed: Have a sound knowledge of an area of study or profession and understand its current issues, locally and internationally. Know how to apply this knowledge. Understand how an area of study has developed and how it relates to other areas.
        • b. Independent learners: Engage with new ideas and ways of thinking and critically analyse issues. Seek to extend knowledge through ongoing research, enquiry and reflection. Find and evaluate information, using a variety of sources and technologies. Acknowledge the work and ideas of others.
        • c. Problem solvers: Take on challenges and opportunities. Apply creative, logical and critical thinking skills to respond effectively. Make and implement decisions. Be flexible, thorough, innovative and aim for high standards.
        • d. Effective communicators: Articulate ideas and convey them effectively using a range of media. Work collaboratively and engage with people in different settings. Recognise how culture can shape communication.
        • e. Responsible: Understand how decisions can affect others and make ethically informed choices. Appreciate and respect diversity. Act with integrity as part of local, national, global and professional communities.
  • 3. The UOW Graduate Qualities will be developed through:
        • a. students’ participation in their courses of study; and
        • b. a range of programs and activities available to students that supplement their courses of study.

5 Faculty/Discipline Graduate Qualities

  • 1. The UOW Graduate Qualities shall be addressed in all courses of study taught at the University. They are interpreted as a list of “Faculty/Discipline Graduate Qualities”, in which Faculties and Graduate Schools articulate the Qualities for students in a particular faculty, discipline or course level (or otherwise as decided by the Faculty or Graduate School). Learning outcomes shall be explicitly linked to the Faculty/Discipline Graduate Qualities.
  • 2. The UOW Graduate Qualities: Faculty Implementation Guidelines include possible models for developing Faculty/Discipline Graduate Qualities (including the adoption of the UOW Graduate Qualities without change) and linking them to learning outcomes.

6 Roles & Responsibilities

  • 1. Each Faculty or Graduate School is responsible for:
        • a. developing/adopting Faculty and/or Discipline Graduate Qualities which interpret each element of the UOW Graduate Qualities;
        • b. clearly documenting the relationship between the Faculty/Discipline Graduate Qualities and the UOW Graduate Qualities and publishing this on their website;
        • c. reviewing the Faculty/Discipline Graduate Qualities and their application to the UOW Graduate Qualities as required;
        • d. designing curricula that systematically provide opportunities for the development of the Faculty/Discipline Graduate Qualities within each course of study;
        • e. implementing learning and teaching strategies that foster the development of the Faculty/Discipline Graduate Qualities;
        • f. explicitly evaluating the development of Faculty/Discipline Graduate Qualities within the curricula;
        • g. providing students with opportunities to reflect upon the Faculty/Discipline Graduate Qualities and demonstrate their achievements, for example by offering access to an online portfolio tool;
        • h. identifying in each Subject Outline the relevant Faculty/Discipline Graduate Qualities to be addressed in that subject (as required by the Code of Practice – Teaching and Assessment).
  • 2. Students are expected to:
        • a. actively engage in the learning and research experience; and
        • b. work toward developing the Graduate Qualities to the best of their ability.
  • 3. Professional non-faculty units will:
        • a. work with faculties to integrate the development of the Faculty/Discipline Graduate Qualities into the curriculum, including assistance with learning and teaching strategies and evaluation of student achievement;
        • b. provide programs, activities and advice for students to support their achievement of the Graduate Qualities.
  • 4. A summary of the support and resources available to develop the Graduate Qualities is included in UOW Graduate Qualities: Faculty Implementation Guidelines.

7 Monitoring

  • 1. The implementation of this policy will be monitored through:
        • a. student surveys including the Subject Evaluation Survey, Student Experience Questionnaire and Course Experience Questionnaire;
        • b. course approval and review processes and documents which require explicit statements about Faculty/Discipline Graduate Qualities and where they are taught;
        • c. review of faculty websites for the communication of Graduate Qualities;
        • d. review of subject outlines on the inclusion of Graduate Qualities associated with learning outcomes.

8 Version Control and Change History

Version Control

Date Effective

Approved By



1 January 2008

University Council

New Policy - replacing the Tertiary Literacies Policy and Procedures, the Attributes of a UOW Graduate and the Attributes of a UOW Research Graduate


5 February 2009

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)

Migrated to UOW Procedure Template as per Policy Directory Refresh


9 March 2010

Vice-Principal (Administration)

Future review date identified in accordance with Standard on UOW Policy


21 June 2011

Vice-Principal (Administration)

Updated to reflect change of name from Wollongong College Australia to UOW College.

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