UOW Community Connections

Community Engagement

Did you know, UOW traces its origins to a community fund-raising campaign more than half a century ago that provided the foundations for a small technical-based college to grow into the world-class institution it is today. From these small beginnings the University maintains a close connection with the community, providing key social and economic initiatives that benefit the community and reinforce our close ties.  Interested to know more about community engagement at UOW.

Community Engagement Grants Scheme Applications Open

Applications are now open for the 2017 Community Engagement Grants Scheme.

The Community Engagement Grants Scheme (CEGS) provides funding to UOW staff and students for educational, research or outreach projects that partner with Community organisation and groups.  CEGS projects have Impact, build Capacity and support the vision of UOW. Above all, CEGS projects are innovative, starting small and dreaming big.