2018 - 2020 ARC Discovery Project (with J. Baek, Y. Mu and R. Safavi-Naini)

                        Secure and dynamic access control over encrypted data in the cloud

2017 - 2019 ARC Linkage Project (with Z. Zhou and F. Guo)

                        Design and Deployment of Practical Anonymous Access Systems

2017 - 2019 NIST, US Department of Commerce (with T. Plantard and G. Yang)

                        On the Structure of Lattices for Post-quantum Cryptography

2016 ARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (with G. Lewis, M. Wilkins, E. Hawkes, E. Kennedy, M. Ferry, G. King, A. Zomaya, M. Beekman, R. Goecke, S. Simoff, R. Andrew, M. Ford, K-W. Cheung and G. Ranzi)

                        Distributed Memory Cluster for the Intersect consortium of universities

2014 - 2015 Global Challenge - Seed Funding Rounds (with K. T. Win, S. Howard and J. Mullan)

                        Development of a Principled Framework for investigating Medication Management Information Systems (MMIS) for Consumers

2014 - 2016 National Security Science and Technology (with G. Yang and T. Plantard)

                        Post-Quantum Cryptology: New Approach and Investigation

2014 ARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (with E. Hawkes, A. Yu, M. Ferry, G. Lewis, D. Muller, M. Wilkins, L. Radom, J. Reimers, P. Greer, O.D. Marco, G. King, F. Henskens, C. Stampfl, G. Ball, C. Poulton, B. Dlugogorski, H. Yu, A. Georges, C. Yang, M. Ford, K-W. Cheung, A. Rahmani, M. Arnold, M. Zhao, C. Gondro, M. Johnson, A. Sajeev and T. Bossomaier),

                        Renew the Intersect Consortium's share of National Computational Infrastruct ure (NCI)'s Peak Facility

2013 - 2014 Global Challenge - Seed Funding Rounds (with M. Tsamenyi, C. Schofield, W. Gullet, C. Rahman, M. A. Palma-Robles, A. Morrison, P. Ogunbona, W. Li, M. H. Au, J. Reveley, A. M. Aneiros, K. Rogers, S. Carruthers),

                        Out of Sight, Out of Mind? Exploring Innovative Pathways to Efficient, Safe and Secure Vessel Movements

2013 - 2015 ARC Discovery Project (with Y. Mu)

                        Sequential attribute-based encryption: new cryptographic framework, constructions and applications towards cloud security

2012 - 2015 ARC Linkage Project (with K. T. Win)

                        Practical unified framework for secure e-consent mechanism for health records

2012 URC Near Miss Grant (with Y. Mu).

                        Sequential attribute-based encryption and its applications ”

2012 - 2015 National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) (with F. Zhang and Y. Mu). Grant ID: 61170298.

                        Leakage Resilient Identity-based and certificateless cryptosystems ”

2011 Research Infrastructure Block Grant Pool 2 (with F. Safaei, S. Bouzerdoum, J. Xi, P. Ogunbona, J. Seberry, Y. Mu, W. Li, S. L. Phung, Y. Yu, L. Wang, Y.W. Chow and M. H. Au)

                        3D Multimedia Research Infrastructure ”

2011 URC Near Miss Grant (with Y. Mu)

                        Secure and Efficient Manipulation of Encrypted Ousourced Data ”

2011 – 2013 ARC Discovery Project (with Y. Mu and V. Varadharajan)

                        Achieving security and privacy in radio frequency identification (RFID) with lightweight security technologies ”

2010 – 2011 UIC International Links Grant (with Y. W. Chow)

                        Modelling low latency identity protection in peer-to-peer online games ”


2010 – 2013 ARC Linkage Project (with T.Y. Chen, Z. Zhou, F-C. Kuo, T. H. Tse and W.K. Tam)

                        Eat and Dream: effective automatic testing and debugging for real-life embedded wireless communications software ”


2009 – 2013 ARC Future Fellowship

                        Secure and Efficient Fair Exchange Protocols ”


2009 – 2011 Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

                        Post-quantum Cryptography: Protecting Counter-Terrorism Against Future Capabilities of Quantum Computers ”


2009 – 2010 URC Research Partnerships Grant

                        Secure Digital Prepaid Systems”


2009 Educational Strategies Development Fund (ESDF) Grant (with Y. W. Chow and P. Ogunbona)

                        A Multi-user Virtual Environment for Collaborative Learning”


2008 – 2010 ARC Discovery Project (with Y. Mu and J. Baek)

                        Secure and Practical Anonymous Electronic Payment and Applications”


2008 – 2010 CRC Smart Services (with Y. Mu and J. Yan)

                        Aggregated Services”


2008 URC Commercial Research Development Fund (with F. Safaei, P. Ogunbona and S. Bouzerdoum)

                        Comparative Study of ICT Research Capacity in Australia”


2008 Educational Strategies Development Fund (ESDF) Grant (with Y. Mu, L. McAven, T. Xia and J. Seberry).

                        “ A Dynamic Learning Platform for Security Education”


2007  Research Infrastructure Block Grant (RIBG Pool 2) (with Y. Mu, J. Seberry, W. Li, K. T. Win, Z. Zhou, T. Xia, T. Plantard, Q. Wu and L. McAven)

                        Fuzzy-based cryptography and its applications”


2007 Educational Strategies Development Fund (ESDF) Grant (with J. Abrantes, Z. Zhou, T. Xia, A. Krishna and A. Porter)

                        “ Problem Solving through Play”

2007 URC Near Miss Grant (with Y. Mu and K. T. Win).

Fuzzy authentication systems and their applications for protecting personal health records


2007 - 2009 National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) (with F. Zhang). Grant ID: 60673070.

                         “ Efficient Certificateless Cryptosystems and Their Applications

2006 Microsoft Asia Research Grant (with R. Safavi-Naini, Y. Mu, J. Horton, J. Baek and W. Li)

                         “ Trusted Computing


2006 - 2008 ARC Linkage Project (with Y. Mu)

                         “ Secure and Dynamic Single Identification Systems


2006 - 2008 ARC Discovery Project (with K. T. Win and F. Zhang)

                         “ Credential Systems and Their Applications in Securing Electronic Health Records


2006 URC Small Grant (with K. T. Win)

                         “ Protecting privacy of health information with fuzzy authentication system


2005 - 2006 Apple University Development Fund (AUDF) Grant (with D. Safiotti and K. T. Win)

                         “ iPathology: Learning Support Tool for Medical Students using the Apple iPod


2005 Educational Strategies Development Fund (ESDF) Grant (with J. Abrantes)

                         “ Learning to Learn: CSCI114 Laboratory Manual


2005 - 2006 ARC Discovery Project (with Y. Mu and F. Zhang)

                         “ Short signatures: tools for securing digital transaction and their applications


2005 - 2007 National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) (with F. Zhang, B. Wei, S. Li)

                         “ The study of Bilinear Pairings based Cryptography


2005 URC Small Grant

                         “ An Efficient Fair Exchange of Digital Signature with An Implementation on Wireless Environment


2004 UoW Research Infrastructure Block Grant (RIBG) Grant (with P. Ogunbona, R. Safavi-Naini, I. Kharitonenko, P. Eklund, W. Li, L. Ye, Y. Mu and N. Sheppard)

                         “ Multimedia Content Management Research Facility


2004-2007 Defence Signal Directorate (DSD) (with R. Safavi-Naini and Y. Mu)

                         “ Next Generation Firewalls and Intrusion Detection Systems


2004 URC Discovery-Project Near Miss Grants (with Y. Mu)

             “ Secure and Efficient Broadccasting Systems for Computer Networks ”


2003 UoW Research Infrastructure Block Grant (RIBG) (with J. Seberry and Y. Mu)

            “Security in a Wireless Environment”


2003 ESDF Grant - Academic Services Division/Faculties of Science, Informatics, Commerce and Engineering (with S. Rogan, P. Croll and 5 others)

            “Development and evaluation of Faculty specific peer assisted study programs”


2003-2006 ARC Discovery Project Grant (with R. Safavi-Naini and Y. Desmedt)

            “Enhancing Privacy for Digital Communication”


2003 SDRG New Researcher Grant

            “Personal Firewall for Wireless Handheld Devices”


2003 SDRG Start Up Grant

“Secure and Traceable Authentication Schemes for Ad-Hoc Wireless Networks Groups”


2002 UoW Research Infrastructure Block Grant (RIBG) (with R. Safavi-Naini and T. Wysocki)

            “Wireless Laboratory”


2002 University Research Committee (URC) Start Up Grant

            “Secure Authentication Schemes for Seamless Wireless Networks”