Peter Siminski



Centre for Human and Social Capital Research




Research Interests

Applied microeconomics and microeconometrics: health, labour, poverty and program evaluation. Much of my work is focussed on the effects of Australian government policies and programs on economic outcomes and behaviours.


Journal Articles

Mendolia S, Siminski P (forthcoming) ‘Is Education the Mechanism Through Which Family Background Affects Economic Outcomes? A Generalised Approach to Mediation Analysis’ Economics of Education Review (accepted 30 May 2017) Working Paper

Cousley A, Siminski P, Ville S (forthcoming) ‘The Causal Effects of World War II Military Service’ Journal of Economic History (accepted 19 Feb 2017) Working Paper

Lindo J, Siminski P, Swensen I (forthcoming) ‘College Party Culture and Sexual Assault: Evidence from Big-time Sporting Events’ American Economic Journal: Applied Economics (accepted 22 Jan 2017) Working Paper

Johnston D, Shields M, Siminski P (2016) ‘Long-Term Health Effects of Vietnam-Era Military Service: A Quasi-Experiment using Australian Conscription Lotteries’ Journal of Health Economics 45: 12-26. Working Paper

Paloyo A, Rogan S, Siminski P (2016) ‘The Effect of Supplemental Instruction on University Student Outcomes: An Encouragement Design Experiment’ Economics of Education Review 55: 57-69 Working Paper

Mendolia S, Siminski P (2016) ‘New Estimates of Intergenerational Mobility in Australia’ Economic Record 92 (298): 361-373 Working Paper

Lindo J, Siminski P, Yerokhin O (2016) ‘Breaking the Link Between Legal Access to Alcohol and Motor Vehicle Accidents: Evidence from New South Wales’ Health Economics 25: 908-928 Working Paper

Siminski P, Ville S, Paull, A (2016) ‘Does the Military Train Men to be Criminals? New Evidence from Australia’s Conscription Lotteries’ Journal of Population Economics: 29: 197-218 Pre-publication version

Patulny R, Siminski P, Mendolia S (2015) ‘The Front Line of Social Capital Creation – a Natural Experiment in Symbolic Interaction’ Social Science & Medicine 125: 8-18 Accepted Manuscript

Siminski P (2013) ‘Employment Effects of Army Service and Veterans’ Compensation: Evidence from the Australian Vietnam-Era Conscription Lotteries’ Review of Economics and Statistics 95(1): 87-97 Pre-publication version

Siminski P (2013) ‘Are Low Skill Public Sector Workers Really Overpaid? A Quasi-Differenced Panel Data Analysis’ Applied Economics 45(14): 1915-1929 Working Paper

Siminski P, Yerokhin O (2012) ‘Is The Age Gradient In Self-Reported Material Hardship Explained By Resources, Needs, Behaviours Or Reporting Bias?’ Review of Income & Wealth 58(4): 715-741 Working Paper

Siminski P, Ville S (2012) ‘I Was Only Nineteen, 45 Years Ago: What Can we Learn from Australia’s Conscription Lotteries?’ Economic Record 88(282): 351-371. Working Paper

Siminski P, Ville S (2011) ‘Long-Run Mortality Effects of Vietnam-Era Army Service: Evidence from Australia’s Conscription Lotteries’ American Economic Review: Papers & Proceedings 101(3): 345-349. Working Paper

Livermore T, Rodgers J, Siminski P (2011) ‘The Effect of Motherhood on Wages and Wage Growth: Evidence for Australia’ Economic Record 87(Special Issue): 80-91 Working Paper

Siminski P (2011) ‘The Price Elasticity of Demand for Pharmaceuticals amongst High Income Older Australians: A Natural Experiment’ Applied Economics 43(3): 4835–4846 Working Paper

Ville S, Siminski P (2011) ‘A Fair and Equitable Method of Recruitment? Conscription by Ballot into the Australian Army during the Vietnam War’ Australian Economic History Review 51(3): 277-296 Working Paper

Craig L, Siminski P (2011) ‘If Men Do More Housework, Do Their Wives Have More Babies?’ Social Indicators Research 101: 255-258

Craig L, Siminski P (2010) ‘Men’s Housework, Women’s Housework and Second Births in Australia’ Social Politics 17(2): 235-266. full paper

Siminski P (2009) ‘Do Government Benefits for High Income Retirees Encourage Saving?’ Australian Journal of Labour Economics 12(3): 247-261. preprint

Rodgers R, Siminski P, Bishop J (2009) ‘Changes in Poverty Rates During the Howard Era’ Australian Economic Review 42(3): 300-320. preprint

Siminski P (2009) ‘A Welfare Analysis of the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card’ Economic Record 85(269): 164-180. preprintAwarded Best Paper in the Economic Record for 2009

Siminski P (2008) ‘Order Effects in Batteries of Questions’ Quality and Quantity 42: 477-490. preprint

Siminski P, Bezzina AJ, Lago L, Eagar K (2008) ‘’Primary Care’ Presentations at Emergency Departments - Rates and Reasons by Age and Sex’ Australian Health Review 32(4): 700-709.

Siminski P, Bezzina AJ, Lago L, Eagar K (2008) ‘ Trends in Primary Care Presentations at Emergency Departments in New South Wales (1999-2006)’ Australian Journal of Primary Health 14(3): 45-52.

Masso M, Bezzina AJ, Siminski P, Middleton R, Smith PB & Eagar K (2007) ‘Why patients attend emergency departments for conditions potentially appropriate for primary care: Reasons given by patients and clinicians differ’ Emergency Medicine Australasia 19(4):333-340. full paper

Siminski P, Cragg S, Middleton R, Masso M, Lago L, Green J & Eagar K (2005) ‘Primary care patients’ views on why they present to Emergency Departments – inappropriate attendances or inappropriate policy?’ Australian Journal of Primary Health 11(2): 87-95. full paper

Saunders P & Siminski P (2005) ‘Home Ownership and Inequality: Imputed Rent and Income Distribution in Australia’ Economic Papers, 24(4): 346-367. Discussion Paper

Siminski P, Chalmers J & McHugh M (2005) ‘Foster Carers in New South Wales: profile and projections based on ABS Census data’ Children Australia 30(3): 17-24. full paper

Siminski P & Saunders P (2004) ‘Accounting for Housing Costs in Regional Income Comparisons’ Australasian Journal of Regional Studies 10(2): 139-156. Discussion Paper

Siminski P, Saunders P & Bradbury B (2003) ‘Reviewing the Inter-temporal Consistency of ABS Household Income Data through Comparisons with External Aggregates’ Australian Economic Review 36 (3): 333-349. Discussion Paper

Siminski P (2003) ‘Patterns of Disability and Norms of Participation through the Life Course: Empirical Support for a Social Model of Disability’ Disability and Society 18 (6): 707-718.


Recent Research Reports

The Causal Effects of the Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) on Educational Outcomes Final Report


The Role of Education in Intergenerational Economic Mobility in Australia prepared for NSW Department of Education