The Hole Story:
Ozone Depletion Research in the Areas of Medical, Biological and Veterinary Science, Physics, Pharmacy and Physiology

by Sharon Beder

Publication date: June 1992
Format: 82pp, 250x175mm paperback
ISBN: 0 86418 234 1
Courses: Environmental studies/Science & Technology Studies



1. Human Studies of Skin Cancer

2. Sunscreen and Fabric Protection

3. The Mouse Model of Cancer

4. Studies Using Skin Tissue

5. Drugs and Sunlight

6. Plant and Algae Growth

7. Conclusion



This book is based on in depth interview carried out with scientific researchers across various faculties at the University of Sydney in 1990 and 1991. Each was asked to describe their work, their goals and their problems and frustrations. The scientists come from a variety of backgrounds including medicine, botany, physics, pharmacy, veterinary science and physiology. They employed a variety of methods including experiments on mice, skin samples and people, laboratory work and field surveys.

The book is aimed at non-scientists; high school students, university students and the general public. It seeks to inform people in lay personÍs terms about what some scientists are doing to find out more about the effects of ultraviolet radiation on people, animals and plants. It also seeks to provide some insights into the ways scientists go about their work and how they feel about it.

This book was funded by a grant from the Department of Employment, Education and Training, Australia, awarded to the University of Sydney for environmental education.

Interviews were conducted by Sharon Beder, transcribed by Rachel Buchan and edited by Richard Gosden and Sharon Beder. Photographs are by David Bowden.

The book is a product of the Environmental Education Project, University of Sydney. The Environmental Education Project was closed in 1991 as funding ceased.

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