Technological Choice


Technology and Environment

How is technology shaped?

Bullet pointThe lessons from Asia
"The countries of Asia vary widely in their social and economic characteristics, their recent histories, the different technology policies they have pursued, the different periods during which they embarked on industrialization, and the technology spectrum that was then available."

Bullet pointEssay: The social shaping of technology
"This essay... will also show how dynamic the whole issue of 'social shaping' is, and how a clearer understanding of the meaning can be gained by adding a third factor to the equation: that of consumption. Throughout the account, illustration of various points will be provided through the use of examples taken from home computing technology."

Bullet pointSocial Shaping of Information Technologies
"The first part of the chapter introduces the idea of the social shaping of technology (SST) showing the origins of the social shaping perspective in studies which showed how a range of social and economic, as well as narrowly 'technical' factors, patterned the development and use of technologies."