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Australian Greens

"Australia's history of green politics precedes the emergence of the word "green" to describe a politics based on participatory democracy, nonviolence, social justice and environmental sustainability.

Australia can claim in the guise of the United Tasmania Group (UTG), the world's first green political party. The UTG stood in the 1972 Tasmanian state election in a effort to present a comprehensive environmental alternative to the destructive policies of major parties. A direct line of descent can be drawn from the UTG via the Tasmanian Green Independents to the Tasmanian wing of the Australian Greens today.

In 1984, inspired by the German Greens, Green parties were founded in Sydney and in Brisbane. The Sydney Greens registered the name "The Greens" as a political party to stand in the 1984 federal election.

The Greens was launched as a national confederation of Green parties on August 30 1992. Throughout the 1980's, various regional Green parties were founded. Australia now has some of the world's most influential and innovative Green parties."

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