The Hole Story:
Ozone Depletion Research in the Areas of Medical, Biological and Veterinary Science, Physics, Pharmacy and Physiology

by Sharon Beder


Human Studies of Skin Cancer
Sunscreen and Fabric
The Mouse Model of Cancer
Studies Using Skin Tissue
Drugs and Sunlight
Plant and Algae Growth

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The Mouse Model of Cancer ctd.

Public Information

Reeve feels quite strongly about the need to publicise the results of her research. She believes that because she is carrying out research funded by public money she is under an obligation to inform the public about any important findings.

“Unfortunately the sunscreens and cosmetics industry are very unwieldy and it takes a lot of evidence and pressure before they will move because of the size of the market we are talking about. I really think it is important, which is why I do my song and dance act on electronic media. I am happy to talk to journalists and I try and get information into the press as often as I can,” she says.

She says she has rarely had any trouble with the media, such as being misquoted. They usually get it right because a lot of science writers are trained as scientists nowadays. However, she does complain that she is often criticised by other scientists for going to the media. She says she hasn't taken up a political or lobbying role to date because she is not politically oriented. But she is always willing to talk to people who are in a position to take these matters up at a political or regulatory level.

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Dietary Factors
Sunscreens and Immune Response

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