Metta Santiputri



University of Wollongong, Australia

PhD candidate in Computer Science

University of Twente, The Netherlands

Master of Science in Computer Science

Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia

Bachelor of Technology in Informatics


Ministry of Education of Republic of Indonesia Scholarship

Scholarship programme organized by the Directorate of Higher Education of MoE for lecturers of Indonesian higher education institution.

StuNed (Studeren in Nederland)

StuNed or Studeren in Nederland is a scholarship programme that is an integral part of the bilateral cooperation between the Governments of the Netherlands and Indonesia.


Data-Driven Requirements Modelling: Some Initial Results with i*

10th Asia Pacific Conference on Conceptual Modeling 2014, Auckland, New Zealand

  • Given the availability of large volumes of data and of relatively cheap instrumentation for data acquisition, this paper explores the prospect of data-driven model extraction in the context of i* models. The paper presents techniques for extracting dependencies from message logs, and for extracting task-dependency correlations from process logs. (pdf)
  • Best Paper Award

Mining Process Task Post-Conditions

34th International Conference on Conceptual Modeling (ER 2015), Stockholm, Sweden

  • A large and growing body of work explores the use of semantic annotation of business process designs, but these annotations can be difficult and expensive to acquire. This paper presents a data-driven approach to mining these annotations (and specifically post-conditions) from event logs in process execution histories which describe both task execution events (typically contained in process logs) and state update events (which we record in effect logs).

Decision Systems Lab

School of Computer Science and Software Engineering
University of Wollongong, Australia

State Polytechnic of Batam, Indonesia