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His Holiness 14th Dalai Lama

Message from the Dalai Lama for the Year of Tibet in Australia & New Zealand

21 December 2005

I am delighted to learn from the Tibet Information Office in Canberra that the year 2006 is being observed as the Year of Tibet in Australia and New Zealand.

On behalf of Tibetans, both in and outside Tibet, I wish to express my appreciation to you all for your continuing interest and support in our non-violent efforts for freedom and justice.

I understand that members of the Parliamentary Group for Tibet as well as some other parliamentarians, at both the Federal and State level, actively support the present process of dialogue to produce concrete results for a settlement to the Tibetan issue.

As a Tibetan I have the moral responsibility to make every effort to bring an end to the sufferings of my people. I remain committed in finding a lasting solution that will mutually benefit the Tibetans as well as Chinese peoples.

I also want to thank the Tibetan Support Groups and Dharma Centres in Australia and New Zealand for their support in our efforts for the protection and preservation of our Tibetan identity, culture, the fragile environment, and towards finding a mutually acceptable solution to the issue of Tibet.

As you may have heard, I have accepted an invitation to visit Australia and New Zealand in 2007, and I look forward to it.

December 21, 2005

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