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Wollongong Festival of Tibet / Tibetfest06

Australian Year of Tibet 2006

Tertonpa Peter Parker, Karma Phuntsok 2005

The Australian Year of Tibet 2006 was celebrated in Wollongong between 15-26 February with TibetFest06. A variety of events took place during the two week period, including:

  • Exhibition of works by Tibetan Australian artist Karma Phunstok (karmaart.com) at the Project Contemporary Art Space, 255 Keira Street, Wollongong, from 15-26 February. A list on works included in the exhibition, including those for sale, is here.
  • The creation of a sand mandala by monks from Namgyal Monastery, India, at the Wollongong City Gallery, 21-26 February
  • 7 Paths to Tibet photograph exhibition at The Old Courthouse, Belmore Basin, Wollongong Harbour, 18-19 February
  • Public teachings
  • Inside the Mandala political forum
  • Meditations
  • Performances - by Tenzin Choegyal and the Namygal Monks.
  • The launching of an  Australia Tibet Council - Wollongong Action Group

TibetFest06 Information leaflet

TibetFest06 was committed to raising awareness of cultural, spiritual and political issues concerning Tibet and Tibetan Buddhism. Tibetfest06 wais being organised by the Wollongong Dharma Collective.

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