Viral Blips

Meghann Spinner

Math 345: Advanced Mathematics Project

Autumn 2016


Persistant viral infections are often characterised by periods of low viral reproduction, which is interrupted by periods of increased viremia. This pattern is observed in the paper `Viral Blips May Not Need a Trigger: How Transient Viremia Can Arise in Deterministic Models' by Wahl et al published in u SIAM Review, pp 127-155, in 2014. In this paper they examine the conditions under which a deterministic model will exhibit viral blips.

In this report simple two and three variable models are used to confirm these conditions. Different types of infectivity were used, and it was confirmed that a saturating infectivity is necessary for viral blips to be exhibited. It was also shown that the blips do not arise due to homoclinic bifurcation. Finally a brief review on the computer packages used to solve the models is given.

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