Unpacking XPPAUT

Gerardo Sozio

Master of Mathematics Project



XPPAUT is a tool for simulating, animating and analyzing dynamical systems. Throughout this project, applications of its use are included. These include solving equations, graphing, direction fields, nullclines and fixed points, discontinuous differential equations, bifurcation diagrams, non-linear systems, functional equations and using AUTO for Bifurcation and Continuation.

Questions from the XPPAUT guide is completed throughout this project, with screen shots of the phase planes included. Throughout the project, as well as solving systems of equations by using XPPAUT, Maple and MATH971 `Applied Non-Linear Differential Equations' techniques have also been included, helping connect concepts.

Learning XPPAUT will allow more difficult problems to be attempted, where the capacity of XPPAUT to draw steady-state diagrams will come in very useful.

Through reading this project, it will become apparent how powerful this package is, and can be used in a variety of ways, through research as well as through teaching and learning.

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