A Model for a Continuously Stirred Stirred Bioreactor

Gerardo Sozio

Master of Mathematics Reading Subject

Autumn 2011


The first section of this report investigates mathematical models of a continuously stirred bioreactor containing microorganisms through which a substrate flows.

The model is then extended to include a predator. In this section, the model analyses the interaction between predator and prey expressed as a system of nonlinear ordinary differential equations, without considering death. The steady-state solutions and unfolding diagrams are presented using both xppaut and gnuplot. Limitations of using xppaut is also covered in this section.

The third section extends on the model presented in section two by considering death. The equations are given as well as diagrams of the steady-state solutions and unfolding figures.

The work extends on the project completed by Zubaidah Sadikin in 2008, Predator-Prey Interactions in a Bioreactor. In this report, xppaut was used to generate figures that were not produced in the above paper. Our projects complement each other. This report will not include all the mathematical details. These are included in Zubaidah's paper.

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