Modelling Controlled Drug Delivery

Joanna Herrmann

Bachelor of Mathematics (Honours) Project



This thesis studies modern controlled drug delivery. Controlled drug delivery is defined as the method and process of applying a medicinal product to a subject or patient to produce a maximised therapeutic effect, while minimising harm. This study is extremely relevant because many people will use some form of medicine over their life span. Drug delivery in transdermal patches and the skin is of special interest and is analysed by formulating and solving mathematical models.

Joanna Herrmann, MIN and Rodney van Bentum. October 2009. In this photograph we have Joanna Herrmann, MIN and Rodney van Bentum. I supervised Jo and Rod's honours projects in 2009. This photograph was taken on the last day of session (30th October) when the honours students were celebrating the end of teaching in the student bar. However, I am not sure why Jo and Rod were celebrating as they had not yet handed in their thesis!

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