A fundamental analysis for competitive product inhibition in a continuous flow bioreactor

Asma O.M. Alharbi

M.Math (coursework)

Autumn 2011


We analyse the steady-state concentration of a product produced by the growth of microorganisms in a continuous flow bioreactor. The specific growth rate model is Monod kinetics subject to competitive product inhibition. This model has not been examined before, it is a new knowledge.

In this report we find the steady-state solutions of the model, and then we determined their stability as a function of the residence time. We also obtained the performance of the reactor at large residence times.

To estimate parameter values from experimental data, knowledge of the steady-state solutions and their asymptotic limits may be useful. The key dimensionless parameter which controls the degree of competitive product inhibition is identified.

KEYWORDS: bioreactor; Competitive product inhibition; kinetics; membrane reactor; stability analysis; steady-state models; stirred tank.

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