MATH151: General Mathematics 1A

This page contains some material for the course: MATH 151 Mathematics 1A Part 1. Almost all of the material for this course is distributed through the course e-learning site. This web-page is only used for emergency situations. Most of the material distributed via this page is made available as a PDF file. To read these files you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader on your machine. You should be able to download this software by following appropriate links from the ITS page:


Your mark for this course comprises:

Student Consultation

In 2010 my consolation hours are:
My room is 15.G26. If you cannot come at these times, contact me to arrange an appointment at a mutually convenient time.

Content of MATH151

MATH151 is divided into chapters. These are:

  1. Introduction.
  2. Indices.
  3. Logarithms.
  4. Function Notation.
  5. Mostly About Straight Lines.
  6. Trigonometry.
  7. Exponential Growth & Decay.
  8. Data Modelling.
  9. Limits.
  10. Differentiation.
  11. Antidifferentiation.

Worked Solutions to Exercises

These will eventually move to the e-learning web.

Chapter 1: Indices, Surds and Algebraic Fractions


Assignment 1 On the subject outline
Other assignments These will be handed out by your tutor.
Assignment Week 4 If you didn't collect it during your tutorial then you can collect it here.
Assignment 13 This assignment contains some revision questions. It doesn't count towards your final mark!

Practice Test Paper

Week 12

Test Results

If you would like to discuss your answers to any test, please send an email and arrange a time to see me: I am unable to discuss your answers if you turn up unannounced.

PDF file containing your mark on the first test, your mark on the second version of the first test, your mark on the second test, your mark on the second version of the second test and your mark on the third test. Add your best mark on the first test to your best mark on the second test to your mark on the third. Divide by two to find the contribution your test marks has towards your final mark. The results are sorted numerically according to student number. If you had special consideration and took the most recent test after the other students your most recent mark is not recorded here. However, you should know what your mark is because I marked your test paper as soon as you finished the test!

If you think that you student number does not appear on the file then you need to come to my office with a two-dollar coin that you will give to me. If I find your student number on the file then I keep the two-dollar coin. If your student number is missing then I return the two-dollar coin.

Note: You do not need to pass each test to pass the course. Obviously it is desirable to do well on the test...

Optional tutorials

The purpose of the optional tutorials is for you to ask me any questions that you have about the course. Sometimes I will write an optional tutorial sheet for the optional tutorial. I won't do this every week. When I do it you may find it useful to look at the questions on the sheet prior to the tutorial.

Week 11

Project Information

Here is a list of project titles from previous years.
2010 ???
Rock mechanics in udnerground coal mines
Fluid mechanics
Mathematics in geology


Make your own graph paper.

Timetable for study assistance during study week

There will be three two-hour revision tutorials during STUVAC.


  1. There will be NO consultation hours during STUVAC, but I may be willing to see students in the hour before or after the tutorial. (Make an appointment if you want to see me).
  2. There will be a roster system for answering questions and a limit of 3 questions per student at any one time.
  3. Students should bring with them their lecture notes and/or attempted exercises when asking for assistance.

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