Lagrange Multipliers

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The method of Lagrange multipliers is a geometric method based on gradient vector fields and their relationship to level curves. The following web pages show how Maple can be used to gain a solid insight into the geometry of the method.
The geometry of Lagrange multipliers is explored in the context of the optimization problem on an elipse.
Applications of Lagrange multipliers to find extrema on the world famous Pringle surface, the most efficient way to build a silo and a snowcone.
Using maple to explore the geometry between Lagrange Multipliers.
This site provides a quick overview of the method, a problem list and provides hints on how to solve the problems. If you need more practice at using Lagrange multipliers go here.
Basic revision of minimisation and maximisation in one-dimension.
"Lagrange multipliers are a pretty spiffy technique in multivariable calculus, and yet a great many people don't have any clear idea what they are or when they're useful. With luck, this overview will help to make the concept and application a bit clearer."

Web Based Material - Computational Pages
"In this notebook, we will examine the problem of finding the extreme values of a function on a bounded region." (MATLAB)
Collection of MATLAB links dealing with Multivariable Calculus.

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