An Introduction to Fractals

This page contains material for the course: AMAT 2110 Discrete Dynamics.

For some of the questions you will find it useful to have triangular grid paper.

Web Based Material

This is not intended to be a definite compilation of web sites relating to Fractals. However, you should find these sites useful for the assignment questions and possible even interesting!

Material aimed at school students.
The Fractal Geometry of the Mandelbrot Set.
A Fractals Lesson.

Mandelbrot and the Mandelbrot set.
Julia and Mandelbrot Set Generation.
Mandelbrot Set from MathWorld.
Mandelbrot Set Explorer.
Benoit Mandelbrot.
The Mandlebrot set
9 nice images of the Mandlebot set as it is magnified by a factor of five each time around the point c = -0.7454265 + 0.1130090i.

Contours of the mind.
An exhibition of Sonic and Visual Art at the Australian National University Drill Hall Gallery (23 June - 24 July 1994)
Fractals -- An Introduction.
Encountering Fractals in Nature.
Fractal Clouds.
Generating Random Fractal Terrain.
The Koch Curve Fractal.

Pages with links to other fractal sites
sci.nonlinear.faq (look at the bottom of the page for the section `Fractal Sites')
Other Fractal Links.
The Spanky Fractal Database.

Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes.
12 An Introduction to Fractals
12.1 The Mandelbrot Set and Self-Similarity
12.2 Making a Fractal: the Sierpinski Triangle
12.3 Making a Fractal: the Koch Snowflake
12.4 Applications of Fractals
12.5 Modelling

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