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* These projects are for advanced mathematics students, students with summer scholarships and masters-by-coursework students (minor project).
** These projects are for honours students and masters-by-coursework students (major project).

Courses taught at Wollongong

  1. MATH111: Applied Mathematical Modelling I.
  2. MATH141: Mathematics 1C Part 1.
  3. MATH151: General Mathematics 1A .
  4. MATH202: Differential Equations II.
  5. MATH971: Non-Linear Differential Equations.

Old courses from ADFA

  1. Discrete Population Models for a Single Species.
  2. An Introduction to Fractals.
  3. Lagrange Multipliers.
  4. Newton Basins.

Six credit-point projects

These projects are for advanced mathematics students, students with summer scholarships and masters-by-coursework students (minor project).

Potential six credit-point projects

If you interested in taking a six credit-point project please contact me to discuss possible topics. The projects I have on offer involve the application of mathematics to problems in areas such as analysis (applications to image science), business & politics (including electoral systems), cake-cutting, calculators: how do they calculate? (second-year students only), chemistry (including wine fermentation), climate change, combustion, differential equations, drying of particles, economics, epidemiology & virus dynamics (have you watched the movie Contagion?), food engineering, history of mathematics, industrial mathematics, Laplace transforms: Solving linear PDEs, Linear Algebra, mathematical biology, mathematical ecology, mathematical medicine, mathematical physics, Multiple Scales, Number Theory, physics, population models, the mathematics of search engines, Snakes and Ladders, synchronisation, and the mathematics of tennis and similar games, travelling waves. The mathematics usually involves either applied non-linear differential equations or applied non-linear difference equations.

Previous six credit-point projects

Previous projects that I have supervised.

Number Student Type of project Year Project title Co-supervisor
38 Matt Berry Summer Scholarship Summer 2017-2018 RNA world: Origins of Life
37 Mark Stein Math 345: Advanced Mathematics Project Spring 2017 Examining a Viral Infection Model With Impulse Differential Equations
36 Hugh Cooney Math 345: Advanced Mathematics Project Spring 2017 RNA World Model
35 Salman Alsaeed Master of Mathematics Project Autumn 2017 Simple epidemic models
34 John Brackenbury Math 245: Advanced Mathematics Project Spring 2016 Mathematical models for the epidemiology of tobacco smoking
33 Meghann Spinner Math 345: Advanced Mathematics Project Autumn 2016 Viral Blips
32 Justin Stephens Math 345: Advanced Mathematics Project Autumn 2016 Activated Sludge Process
31 Bernadette Le Mesurier M. Math (coursework) Autumn 2016 Mathematical Modelling of Epidemics with reference to the 2014 Ebola Epidemic in West Africa
30 David Hughes Summer Scholarship Summer 2015-2016 Probability Model of Cells Forming Colonies Pam Davy and Sianne Oktaria
29 Marissa Dirks and Anne Fernando Summer Scholarship Summer 2015-2016 Modelling the removal of micropollutants from municipal waters
28 Duraid Ali M. Math (coursework) Spring 2015 Mathematical Ecology
27 Ali Alsalameh M. Math (coursework) Autumn 2014 Virus dynamics and drug therapy
26 Carl Ormerod M. Math (coursework) Autumn 2014 Tasmanian Devil Facial Tumour Disease A Review of Epidemiology Models
25 Siham Omar Ziada M. Math (coursework) Autumn 2014 The Continuously-Stirred Tank Reactor
24 Ferayl Salem M. Math (coursework) Spring 2012 Some applications in a continuously stirred bioreactor.
23 Raymond Li Math 345: Advanced Mathematics Project Spring 2012 Investigation of Finite Difference Methods for Solving Partial Differential Equations
22 Gerardo Sozio M. Math (reading subject) Spring 2011 A model for a continuously stirred bioreactor Annette Worthy
21 Abdullah Altheyab M. Math (coursework) Autumn 2011 Solving Parabolic Partial Differential Equations using the Method of Lines Annette Worthy (primary supervisor, I was secondary)
20 Asma O.M. Alharbi M. Math (coursework) Autumn 2011 A fundamental analysis for competitive product inhibition in a continuous flow bioreactor Annette Worthy
19 Weam Alaqeel M. Math (coursework) Autumn 2011 A model for uncompetitive product inhibition in a continuously stirred bioreactor Maureen Edwards
18 Andrew Morris Math 235: Advanced Mathematics Project Autumn 2011 Investigating and Computing Heat Diffusion
17 Fahad Musallam Alharbi M. Math (coursework) Autumn 2010 Drying Food Xiaoping Lu
16 Rodney van Bentum Austin Keane Vacation Scholarship Summer 2009-10 Applications of mathematics in medical and veterinary sciences
15 Kate Snow AMSI Summer Scholarship Summer 2009-10 Sensitivity to Initial Conditions: Characterising the accuracy of the weather forecast. George Takacs and David Griffiths
14 Rubayyi Turki ALqahtani M.Math (coursework) Spring 2009 Fundamental Analysis of continuous flow bioreactor models
13 Ahmed Msmali M.Math (coursework) Autumn 2009 A model for incomplete mixing in a bioreactor
12 Yuen Yi (Cathy) Lee AMSI Vacation Scholarship Summer 2008-09 Cleaning industrial wastewaters using a sludge disintegration system
11 Cathy (Yuen Yi) Lee MATH235: Advanced Mathematics Project Spring 2007 Epidemiology and Virus Dynamics: Alcoholism as an Endemic Disease
10 Rodney van Bentum MATH2325: Advanced Mathematics Project Spring 2007 Mathematical modelling of HIV
09 Andrew Holder MATH235: Advanced Mathematics Project Spring 2007 A Bioreactor Model
08 Tara Kerr Research Assistant Spring 2006 Semi-analytical solutions in bio-process engineering Tim Marchant
07 Stephen J. Maher MATH345: Advanced Mathematics Project Spring 2006 The Interaction of Agents in a Heterogeneous Firm.
06 Timothy Nicholls MATH345: Advanced Mathematics Project Spring 2006 Applications of second order differential equations to bioreactors.
05 Tara Kerr MATH345: Advanced Mathematics Project Autumn 2006 Mathematical Biotechnology.
04 Adam Hoare ICE-EM Vacation Scholarship Summer 2004 Quantification of synchronisation within coupled Lorenz systems.
03 Tony Campbell MATH235: Advanced Mathematics Project Spring 2004 Mathematical Epidemiology
02 Timothy Nicholls MATH235: Advanced Mathematics Project Spring 2004 Modelling Migration Between Habitats
01 Will Francis MATH235: Advanced Mathematics Project Spring 2003 The Activated Sludge Process

Twelve credit-point projects

These projects are for honours students and masters-by-coursework students (major project).

Potential twelve credit-point projects

If you are interested in taking an honours/course-work masters project, please contact me to discuss possible topics. I'm in the process of constructing a page that will contain examples of specific projects for honours students. At the moment there isn't much information on this page! As an indication of the areas in which I am interested in offering a project please read the list of potential projects that I offer to advanced mathematics students. For honours/course-work masters projects I am primarily interested in supervising projects that align with my research interests and may not be willing to supervise some of the projects in this list. However, if you have an idea for a project and you think that I might be the right person to supervise it then please contact me so we can discuss your idea!

Previous twelve credit-point projects

I have supervised the following honours/course-work masters/PhD-I projects

NumberStudentYearProject Title DegreeCo-supervisor Institution
15 Rui Liang 2017 Modelling the spread of smoking as an infectious disease. B.Medical Mathematics (Hons) Maureen Edwards UoW
14 Ahmed Mezaal 2015-2016 Wastewater Treatment. PhD-I Annette Worthy UoW
13 Peter Hagedoorn 2015 The impact of media campaigns on the spread of alcoholism. B.Math (Hons) Annette Worthy UoW
12 Tianyu Raymond Li 2013 Computational Fluid Dynamics using the Lattice Boltzmann Method B.Adv.Math (Hons) Tomasz Bednarz (CSIRO) UoW
11 Amelia Warton 2012 Mathematical Modelling of Sand Filtration to Improve Water Quality B.Adv.Math (Hons) Maureen Edwards UoW
10 Gerardo Sozio 2010Unpacking XPPAUT M.Math Annette Worthy UoW
09 Fehaid Alshammari 2010 Applications of Partial Differential Equations in Biology and Medicine M.Math (---) UoW
08 Rodney Van Bentum 2009 A Fundamental Analysis of Mathematical Modeling of the Gastrointestinal Tract B.Math.Adv (Hons) Barry Cox UoW
07 Joanna Herrmann 2009 Modelling Controlled Drug Delivery B.Math (Hons) Annette Worthy UoW
06 Zubaidah Sadikin 2008 Predator-prey interactions in a bioreactor M.Math (---) UoW
05 Mandi Sutherland 2008 Modelling the propagation of disease in rabbit populations B.Math (Hons) Annette WorthyUoW
04 Kala Perkins 2006-2007 Compartment models for transdermal drug delivery M.Math Annette WorthyUoW
03 Aaron Thornton 2005 Bifurcation analysis of Gray-Scott reaction-diffusion cells B.Math (Hons) Tim Marchant UoW
02 Matthew Falk 2004 The Soccer Pools. Maximising your winnings, or minimising your losses, if you're lucky! B.Math.Fin (Hons) David Griffiths UoW
01 Nikki Waterhouse 2001 Burn Baby Burn: Polymer Combustion. BSc(Hons) Harvinder Sidhu ADFA

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