Combustion dudes hard at work

In December 1998 I was working with Graeme Wake in the Department of Mathematics & Statistics at the University of Canterbury. Rodney Weber arranged a short visit of a week but unfortunately by the time Rod had arrived Graeme had departed! Graeme gave me the responsibility of looking after Rodney.

We worked very hard and finished each night with a well-earnt drink. We tried out several establishments, but always finished the night off at Bailie's Bar. By the end of the week we didn't even need to order the next round in person, a casual look towards the barmaid and she'd start linking them up for us.

That's what I call service.

It's England (MIN) vs Germany (ROW) at bar football.
Rodney Weber (RHS) demonstrating that he hadn't forgotten the skills acquired as a callow youth
It's England (MIN) vs New Zealand (CH) at bar football.
Chris Hann (RHS) shows that he has put the Kiwi tax-payers money to good use during his time as a PhD student.
It's Australia (ROW) vs New Zealand (CH) at bar football.
Neutral observers cheer as Chris wins the final.
16th December 1998, Postgraduate Common Room, Department of Mathematics & Statistics, The University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Photographs by Mark Nelson

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