Australian Combustion Dudes 3: Rodney Weber

"Rodney became a postdoc at ADFA in Canberra in July 1987, working with Neville de Mestre on bushfire modelling. In February 1988, he met Brian Gray and Graeme Wake at the MISG at the UNSW in Sydney, where `Cable Makers Australia' were presenting a problem some of their customers had with the build-up of organic dusts on cables in and around the conduits. Brian was directing the MISG team efforts on this problem and this was where Rodney was first introduced to `FK'.... the book, unfortunately not the person. This sparked an interest in ignition which has not yet been extinguished. The ADFA branch continues to be very active with visits and visitors to and from all the hot spots in the global combustion village." Rodney Weber.

The rough and ready Rodney Weber, 12th February 1999
Dr Rodney Weber at the Combustion Meeting in Honour of Professor B.F. Gray, 11-12 February 1999, Mollymook, NSW, Australia. Photograph by Mark Nelson.

Rodney is known for his sartorial elegance.

The sartorial elegance of Rodney Weber Part One.
The sartorial elegance of Rodney Weber Part Two.
School of Mathematics & Statistics, University College, Australian Defence Force Academy, Canberra, Australia, 28th April 1999. Photograph by Mark Nelson.

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