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PhD Students supervised

Number Student PhD Title Supervisor 1 Supervisor 2 Supervisor 3
01Elahe Aminifar 2008 Technology and the Improvement of Mathematics Education at the Tertiary Level Anne Porter Richard Caladine Mark Nelson
02Thiansiri Luangwilai 2012 Mathematical modelling of self-heating in compost piles Harvinder Sidhu (UNSW at Canberra) Mark Nelson
03Rebecca Hudson 2012 Modelling Secondary Teacher's Use and Non Use of Technology in Teaching Anne Porter Mark Nelson
04Mike Hsieh 2012 Mathematical modelling of controlled drug release from polymer micro-spheres: incorporating the effects of swelling, diffusion and dissolution via moving boundary problems Scot McCue (QUT) Tim Maloney (QUT) Mark Nelson
05Hassan Alfifi 2013 Semi-analytical solutions for delay partial differential equations Tim Marchant Mark Nelson
06Muteb Alharthi 2013 Semi-analytical solutions for autocatalytic reaction-diffusion equations Tim Marchant Mark Nelson
07Rubayyi Turki Alqahtani (01/03/10) 2013 Modelling of Biological Wastewater Treatment Mark Nelson Annette Worthy
08Ahmed Hussein Msmali 2014 The Effect of Incomplete Mixing in Biological and Chemical Reactors Mark Nelson Maureen Edwards Grant Cox
09Bothaina Bukhatwa 2014 Improving mathematics education in the Middle East: A focus on technology, learning design and professional development Anne Porter Mark Nelson
10Ashkan Masouman 2014 Regional Planning and IO Analysis with a focus on Wollongong Abbas Valadkhani Charles Harvie Mark Nelson
11Asma Alharbi 2015 The biological treatment of wastewater: Mathematical models Mark Nelson Annette Worthy
12 Manal Saleh 2018 Process Intensification for Autothermal Reactions Mark Nelson Tim Marchant

PhD Students currently supervised

(Note. As of July 2012 all PhD students must submit their thesis within five years of starting or their candidature will be discontinued).

Carl Ormerod (February 2015) Modelling the Human Gastro-intestinal Tract Mark Nelson Annette Worthy

Masters (by research) students supervised

X.D. Chen MSc, UNSW (2014) Three problems in diffusion and reaction systems Harvinder Sidhu Mark Nelson

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