Bridge Club News Issue One (18.08.99)

An infrequent posting to the Bridge Cluf Forum (BCF) that reaches the parts other postings fail to reach.

Recent weeks have seen the release of `A' level results, closely followed by GCSE results. This has led to the inevitable discussion on whether academic standards are in decline. As Richard and I waited on Tuesday evening it was natural that we should discuss this. Recent posts to the BCF were the natural starting point for our discussion, we quickly realised that we were the only erudite members of the BC. (This reminds me of the time when my brother asked me what the word `erudite' meant. My answer was succinct: "If you've got to ask, then you're not"). However, I must confess that I have only just realised the significance of Rich's user name on the forum, which I guess makes him the most erudite.

Latter Kevin and Rich were comparing experiences in Cyprus. Judging from the tales of their exploits they had two very contrasting trips: day and night, black and white. Kev slowly withdrew a cigarrete from his mouth, nonchalently tipping the ash from its ends before explaining that a greater range of films are avialable on video in Cyprus. Indeed, he had almost turned a proft on the trip by selling some to his mates. High-quality, not available in the UK, say no more, say no more.

It's a pitty that Kev didn't share this news earlier on in the Summer. The Summer is notoriously bad for movie releases and we could have past an entertaining weekend watching some of the titles in his "personal collection".

More news on Geoff's meal. Both Neil & Rich, who have known Geoff long, have pulled out. In fact, the only people to have confirmed are Laurance and Tristan. Of the Summer regulars they know Geoff the least well, perhaps explaining Laurance's comment "I'll do anything for a curry". She obviously means it.

Geoff's days at the club are coming to an end and the past few weeks have been fascinating as the stalwarts of the club reposition themselves for the new leader. Geoff is a leader without power. (Is it redundant to say a leader without vision?) Which `big-hitter' will emerge to take over as supremo? I don't know, "Member247" need not apply. Geoff arrived late on Tuesday, but even though bridge club members are drifting away from his he managed to arrange an entourage of supporters. He didn't play any Bridge. The best bridge years of his life are behind him.

If you weren't there at the time, you didn't miss much.

Saturday. The BC meets five of Anne's "special friends" to celebrate her 19th. This either says something about her friends, or her sense of humour. Sadly, this BC outing doesn't include Tristan and Laurance, who are going to a Star Wars Fancy Dress Party instead.Last Thursday, Tristan proudly (lovingly?) told us that he was going as "Bobby Fett" and provided a detailed description of the lengths he had gone to to produce an authentic piece. Laurance was quite on the subject of her outfit. Of course, there are not many feminine roles in Star Wars. After she left BC members were able to make one or suggestions as to the most appropriate. Know what I mean?

It's depressing (?) to realise that some Bridge Club members were not alive when Star Wars was originally released. Still, Rich has his rule of 17. Geoff plays an even more agressive game.

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