Seberry Family Tree

Jennifer Roma Seberry

Born : 13.2.1944

Married : Walter Denis Wallis, m 6.6.64 at St Canice, Elizabeth Bay

Her father is Alexander John Seberry(IV) and her mother was Jane Cruickshank.

Her sister is Merril Margaret Seberry Hall .


Her issue            	who married                     whose issues were
=========               ===========                     =================

Ralph Seberry (Wallis)  =Katherine (Kat) Gizelle Lane   Jackson Lane
b.13.10.1966            b.16.2.? 			b. 8.4.1993
d.12.5.2004                                             Alexandra Lane
                                                        b. 5.8.1994

Luke Seberry (Wallis)   Margaret Lam			Gabrielle On-Kei Seberry
b. 28.10.1969           b. 25.6.70                      b.7.7.2000 Hong Kong
                        m. 25.1.1995    			
                                                        Michael Kwok-Jing Seberry
                                                        b.23.2.2003 Sydney

Ralph was born in North Sydney and Luke in East Melbourne.

Michael Kwok-Jing Seberry at three months.

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