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About ATUL
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ATUL, established as the Activity Theory Usability Laboratory in 2001, is a R & D unit of the University of Wollongong at the leading edge of research into work and play in organisations and communities of the Knowledge Age.  ATUL is itself a Networked Learning Organisation whose members strive to continually expand their understanding of the way people engage in meaningful activities in an ever-changing world.  Through its experience ATUL has developed a creative approach to the study of what people do cooperatively in a wide range of work and community environments using innovative tools and systems. Taking a human centred view of Information and Communications Technology as used to support work and decision making, ATUL applies the principles of Activity Theory to analyse knowledge work in complex networks of teams groups and communities.

Research at ATUL spans the fields of Information Systems, Information Seeking, Human-Computer Interaction, Knowledge Management, Network Centric Organisations, Small Business Network and Clusters, Social Innovation, Emergent Social Technologies and Virtual Communities.  We use a multitude of theories and techniques including Activity Theory, Complexity Theory, Systems Dynamics, Q-methodology and Social Network Analysis.

ATUL offers a selection of innovative services designed to assess and improve the performance of organisations, groups and individuals. It is set up for practical usability testing with a focus on how people use technology to achieve successfully outcomes within their everyday world. ATUL also has a set of innovative tools to support a variety of approaches to business analysis and collaborative learning.

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