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Australian Studies in Knowledge Management

Helen Hasan and Meliha Handzic, editors

There are very few people involved in the management and operations of organisations, whether in business, government or community spheres, who would not agree that these are turbulent times.  It often seems that, as organisations, we are overloaded with information and technology and that we are seeking ways to deal with crisis after crisis, without really knowing what will work or where we are going.  Knowledge management suggests that we step back and take a holistic view of where we are and what it is that we are trying to do.  It brings the human voice back into the technological, economic-rational view of modern organisations and provides a different picture of organisations that are not machines but much more “organic” and where collective knowledge can be mobilised for innovation and growth.

This book, on the topic of knowledge management, is a structured compilation of articles by eminent Australasian academics and practitioners founded on their most recent research and experience. The book brings together the diverse approaches currently seen in KM research and practice in a logical sequence incorporating the most important elements of knowledge management. 

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Last modified: August 30, 2003