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Welcome to the homepage of Dr Christian Ritz!


I am an Associate Professor in the School of Electrical, Computer and Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Wollongong,

Australia. I can be contacted via email to: Description: email.png


Brief Biography

Christian graduated from the University of Wollongong in 1999 with a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and a Bachelor of Mathematics and a PhD in Electrical Engineering at the University of Wollongong in 2003. His PhD research focused on very low bit rate coding of wideband speech using Waveform Interpolation (WI).

Since 2003, Christian has held a position within the School of Electrical, Computer and Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Wollongong and is currently an Associate Professor.  His is a member of the Visual and Audio Signal Processing Lab of the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) Research Institute.

Research Activities

Current research interests include single and multichannel speech signal processing, speech and audio coding, spatial audio signal processing, multimedia Quality of Experience (QoE) and signal processing for new media services.

Current projects include spatial and multichannel speech and audio signal processing and compression, acoustic vectors sensors and other co-located microphone arrays for sound source localisation and enhancement, microphone array signal processing, semantic analysis and processing of multimedia content, perceptual processing and Quality of Experience (QoE) estimation for media content.

I am a member of the Visual and Audio Signal Processing Lab, part of the ICT Research Institute. I am also the director of the University of Wollongong’s anechoic recording and playback facility.

            Current Research Projects

·         Sound field reproduction and control in single and multiple zones. This project is investigating novel approaches to sound field reproduction using loudspeaker arrays that allow simultaneous reproduction of broadband (e.g. speech) soundfields in multiple listening zones.

·         Cancelling Neighbouring Voices for Enhanced Audio-Visual Collaboration, ARC Linkage Project, 2016-2019. This project will investigate the cancellation of speech recorded from co-located users engaged in an audio-visual communication application.

·         Design of miniature co-incident microphone arrays using 3D printing. This project is investigating new ways of manufacturing microphone array support structures to allow for highly accurate placement of sensors such that polar responses are optimised.

·         Acoustic design of microtonal musical instruments manufactured using 3D printing. This multi-disciplinary project, sponsored by the UOW Global Challenges, is investigating how to design and manufacture a microtonal flute using 3D modelling and printing technologies combined with acoustic models for flute instruments.

·         Acoustic Vector Sensors for Speech Processing and Enhancement. This project is continuing the investigation of novel miniature microphone arrays for sound recording and processing, including speech signal analysis, localisation and enhancement.

            past Research Projects

·         Spatial Audio Coding. This project is investigated new techniques for compression of 3D audio. In particular, a new approach based on spatial squeezing was developed and resulted in compression rates similar to those used for stereo audio formats when coding 16-channel 3D audio.

·         Microphone Array Recording and Analysis of Speech. This project investigated the recording and analysis of multiparty speech recordings using microphone arrays. The key application was to detect speaker turns in meetings for automatic labelling of the participants for use within meeting ‘browser’ applications.

·         Encoding and Communicating Navigable Soundfields, C Ritz and Ian Burnett (RMIT University), ARC Discovery Project, 2010-2012.

·         Signal Processing and Quality Of Experience For New Media Services. This project, sponsored by the Smart Services CRC, investigated new signal processing technologies for new media services applications including how to measure the resulting user Quality of Experience (QoE). A significant outcome was the development of technology behind the AirLinkTM iPhone application, which provides a user with the ability to scan a printed newspaper picture and then automatically receive related digital content such as a video, picture or web page that is displayed on their phone.

publications and research outcomes

Publication List (sourced via UOW Database)

Google Scholar

Research Gate

current research students

·         Shahab Pasha : Adaptive Signal Processing for Noise-Robust Speech Processing (Principal Supervisor)

·         Jacob Donley : Spatial Audio Using Innovative Directional Loudspeakers (Principal Supervisor)

·         Matthew Dabin : Spherical Differential Microphone Arrays: Low Frequency Wind Noise Measurements (RMIT University, associate supervisor)

·         Yuxiao Feng : Adaptive Analysis and Active Cancellation of Environmental Noise (Principal Supervisor)

·         Yuewen Zhu : 3D Prole Dynamic Measurement And Digital Imaging (Co-Supervisor)

·         Alanna Vial : Machine Learnt Radiomics Models for The Treatment Of Non-Metastatic Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (Co-Supervisor)

If you are interested in joining my research team as a postgraduate research student you are encouraged to send me an email along with your CV and academic transcripts. Information about the application process can be found at the University postgraduate study page. For information about Scholarships, please see the University scholarship page. You might also like to spend time as a visiting research student.

graduates and alumni

 The following students have graduated under my supervision:

·         Eva Cheng : Microphone Array Recording and Analysis of Speech

·         Muawiyath Shujau : Speech Processing using Acoustic Vector Sensors

·         Xiguang Zheng : Soundfield Navigation: Separation, Compression and Transmission

·         Kevin Adistambha : Multimedia Search for Motion Capture Data

·         Mohamed Barakat : Keyword Spotting for Social Media Semantics

·         Chao Sun : Motif Recovery in Spatio-Temporal Data Project

·         Yi Cao : User Quality of Experience (QoE) for Interactive Multimedia

·         Muhammad Salman Raheel : Peer To Peer Real Time Video Distribution

Teaching Activities

In addition to my traditional research activities related to digital signal processing, I am also involved with research related to engineering education. This has included the completion of projects investigating the integration of graduate capabilities and outcomes within the Engineering curriculum including their relationship to professional accreditation requirements. Research and scholarship in teaching has also included a focus on the development of professional communication and teamwork skills within Engineering students. 

Grants and Projects:

·               S Nikolic, C Ritz, W Li and T Goldfinch, “Technology Enhanced Learning for Transnational and Industry-supported Design Project Teams”, UOW ESDF/T&L, 2015.

·               C Ritz, B James, et. al., “Quality Graduates become Professional Engineers”, UOW ESDF/T&L, 2008. 


·         ECTE401/901 Multimedia Signal Processing

·         ECTE203 Signals and Systems

·         ECTE301 Digital Signal Processing

·         ECTE171 Electrical Engineering Practice

·         ECTE250 Engineering Design and Management 2

·         ECTE906 Advanced Signals and Systems

Professional Activities

·         Senior Member of the IEEE

·         Member of the Speech, Language, and Audio (SLA) Technical Committee of the Asia-Pacific Signal and Information Processing Association (APSIPA)

·         Member of the Audio Engineering Society

·         Member of the International Speech Communications Association (ISCA)

·         Associate Member of The Audio Engineering Society (AES)

·         Member of The Australian Speech Science and Technology Association (ASSTA)