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An overview of my research, putting these publications in context.
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Science, technology and society

Peace and war


Other topics, including democracy and intellectual property

Stratospheric modelling and numerical methods


Wind power and electricity grids

Some specific topics

Activism and scholarship

AIDS, origin of


Citizen advocacy

Comments to colleagues

Controversy, scientific


Demarchy and democracy

Drug debates

Environmental issues



Intellectual property

Nonviolent action

Nuclear power

Nuclear war (including nuclear winter)


Ozone depletion


Plagiarism and scientific fraud

Repetition strain injury

Science, critique of

Sexual harassment

Social defence

Technological vulnerability

Whistleblowing and suppression of dissent

Brian Martin

postal address: Arts Faculty, University of Wollongong, NSW 2522, Australia



All the publications listed here are available in printed form from me at no cost, aside from some books. Many, as indicated, are available here in electronic form.

Some of the electronic versions have been produced by scanning, which is subject to error. Please let me know about any mistakes you notice.

Electronic copies are provided for individual use for private study or research. To reproduce these publications, permission should be sought unless stated otherwise. Links are welcome.