60 Seconds with Annette

  • Are you getting anywhere?
  • In general, my ongoing international collaborative research with Dr. N.F. Smyth (Edinburgh University, Scotland) and Prof Minzoni(Mexico) focuses on solitons and solitary waves, including the development of methods to analytically describe solitary wave evolution, with particular emphasis on the inclusion of the radiation (ie noise) shed as they evolve.

    This general theory has been applied to specific applications, including nematicons, switching in optical fibres in the presence of Raman scattering and the Optical amplifiers.


    My research results have been used by engineers, including experimental engineers, such as, Professor Assanto, Rome Tre University, Italy). This has lead to collaborative research work with Professor Assanto.

  • Best part of research?

    Problem solving, learning and discovery.

  • Funniest Moment?
  • Hmm! Teaching BMathEd students(?). Getting my first home run at the mere age of 50-plus.

  • Ugliest moment?
  • Being sent to school at four as my mother thought I was five! Or maybe, my cheekbone collecting a 'softball' when my glove missed an infield fly ball.

  • Have you had a true "Eureka! I have found it" experience?
  • All the time when finding solutions to problems!

  • Has it made you rich?
  • Moneywise no. One's richness comes from the discovery, learning and understanding of new things, concepts and ideas.

  • What did you want to be when you were a kid?
  • A teacher. I was teaching the next door neighbour's kids when I was 10.

  • Has your career folllowed a straight line?
  • I love learning and discoverying, so yes it has!

  • What would you change?
  • Being a mathematician, I would learn how to write good english!

  • Advice for young researchers?
  • Go do it! Be passionate about what you are doing, enjoy the thrill of new discovery and learning. Communicate and network.

  • Final comment?
  • Lost for words but not for mathematics!

  • Other Interests:
  • Playing sport such as hockey, softball and squash.