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Woolyungah Indigenous Centre is the University’s Centre responsible for Indigenous student recruitment, access and support. Our programs aim to foster equity by supporting Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from entry to University, through to successful completion.

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Indigenous Graduation Stoles Review

A review of the Indigenous graduation stole is currently underway.  The purpose is to conduct an inclusive and transparent review of the cultural significance of the colours and design of both the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags and the importance of recognising this history in UOW graduation dress for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, across each of our campuses.

Designed by renowned Aboriginal Artist Harold Thomas in 1971, the Aboriginal flag has become a widely recognised symbol of the unity and identity of the Aboriginal people. 

In 2009 the University of Wollongong (UOW) adopted the colours of the Aboriginal flag in its design of the UOW Aboriginal stole worn at graduation ceremonies.  A stole is a sash worn over the graduation gown and hood.  It drapes around your neck and falls half way down the front of the gown.

Have your say

Your input is important, we are seeking feedback from students, staff and members of the community who identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander.  Students and staff will be able to participate via completion of an on-line survey as well as volunteering to participate in focus groups. We will also be meeting and consulting with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community leaders.

We invite each of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to complete the survey, the survey and focus groups will help shape how the Indigenous stole is used in graduation ceremonies across each of our campuses.

For more information contact us at stoles-review@uow.edu.au

Two UOW indigenous students receive inaugural Maryann Bin-Sallik AO - Cancer Council NSW Health Scholarship

The scholarship has been awarded to final year Bachelor of Nursing student Marcelle Skimmings, and final year Bachelor of Medical and Health Science (Honours) student, Jacob Stephenson.

Minority women leaders an under-valued resource

A new report conducted by the Australian Centre for Leadership for Women (ACLW) found that workplaces are not utilising the unique leadership abilities of women from minority groups.

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