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In the coming months, 'We Are UOW' will explore the lifelong connections of UOW alumni with those they attended the University of Wollongong. Through video, podcasts and written articles we will hear their stories of career success, mentors, love and friendship.

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Tune into Lizzie Jack's newest podcast series as she hears amazing stories of passion and triumph which all started following one pivotal life decision, choosing to study at UOW.

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Behind the scenes

Come behind the scenes of the making of We Are UOW, as we give you an all access pass to exclusive content to find out more about how attending The University of Wollongong changed their lives forever.

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I guess it all sort of just started at UOW.

In those formative years when your kind of like finding your people, that club was like,
what brought us all together. When you talk about what we learn at UOW and the things
that I cherish most from UOW is these friendships.

We went to the UniBar one night for celebrations
leading into O-week, and Grant admitted that he had a bit of a crush on me. If it wasn't
for the young friends that I made at uni, it really helped me through, I probably wouldn't
have got there. I feel very lucky to have met someone that can be that inspirational.