Why bother choosing a font at all - why not write everything in Arial? Surely that would simplify things – right? There are plenty more fonts than Arial – just like there's more to dessert than vanilla ice-cream – and here are 3 ways it pays to know your fonts.  

1. Get Better Marks

Whats your Type - Inline (Marks)

A designer from Canada (Philip Renaud) claims using the right font can get you better marks. It's not 100% scientific, but when he was a student, he reckons he did just that.

What is much more scientific is the finding that using the right font can actually make messages more believable.

What's the take-away? Know your audience, and understand how 'loudly a font speaks'. For assignments, Philip suggests using a serif font. But of course you should also make sure you answer the question, and if in doubt, look at more ‘legit’ ways of improving your academic performance.

2. End Bad Relationships, Better

Whats your Type - Inline (Relationship)

You've heard of Comic Sans? Heard of using it to break up with someone? Vincent Connaire, the designer of the (in)famous font Comic Sans, says he knows a girl who did just that. She broke up with her boyfriend in a letter written with Vincent's creation - to soften the blow. If the girlfriend/boyfriend is a typographer it could make the breakup worse considering possible extreme attitudes towards Comic Sans. So tread lightly.

Our advice – don't put all your relationship-issue-eggs in the "solve with font" basket. 

3. Get the Right Job for You

Whats your Type - Inline (Job)

Time to apply for a job? The font you use on your application/resume could say a lot about you. Times New Roman might be OK if you're looking for a government job, but might "scuttle your chances if you want to go into fashion".

So if using Times New Roman is like "wearing sweatpants to an interview" how should you choose?

Think about the values of the employer-to-be, and find a font that’s a stylistic match to how you want to portray yourself. For example, if you want to look especially wise, or you’re applying for a job as Indiana Jones’ assistant, check out an ancient font.

But seriously, to get an even better chance of making the cut, have a look at some of the programs that will help you land your dream job.

Whats your Type - Inline (Matt)
Part of a major project of UOW grad Matthew de Feudis, the mixture of hand drawings and digital images to create a picture that is viewed as both image and text. 

Type Matters

The story of type goes back a long (long) way. In modern times, fonts have been made (and used) for specific ends–like legibility, making more sales, winning elections, helping motorists not get lost or art.

Typographers created these kinds of letterforms, in response to technology, writing systems, and social change. And not much has really changed. The number of choices may have grown to more than Arial - that’s for sure.

The trick is knowing which font to choose (or create yourself)–because typefaces are more than alphabets. They can deliver more meaning than just the words they represent: they influence how we feel.

MORE: Find out what font you are... Or get inspired by typographers Jessica Hische and Alex Trochut.

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BONUS: We couldn't finish this article without including this on point meme...  

Whats your Type - Inline (Comic Sans)