Convenient, fast and affordable – public transport is a great way to get to uni. But there’s still a few simple rules we all need to follow to get to where you're going without resorting to anarchy. 

Welcome to Public Transport meme

1. Shhh! It’s a quiet carriage

If you feel a dirty look burning a hole in the back of your head, chances are you’re making noise on public transport’s version of a library. These carriages are great for catching up on readings or last-minute study, but not for loud apps or phone calls.

2. Manspreading

This is the act of spreading one’s legs so far apart you take up two seats or make your fellow passengers feel like a sardine the whole trip. Stay classy, gentlemen (and ladies) – keep your legs shoulder-width or less apart.

3. Drop the beat

We think you’ve got great taste in music, but chances are not everyone will agree. So it’s essential to use headphones and make sure the volume isn’t so high that it turns the carriage or bus into a moving nightclub.

4. Give up your seat

Basically, if you think another passenger could use the seat more than you, offer it to them. You’ll make your mum proud and karma will reward you with a bonus chocolate bar from the vending machine.

5. Don’t be a pusher-innerer

If you show up to a bus stop and see others waiting, don’t pretend they don’t exist. Join the end of the line. If there’s no line, it’s polite to let them on first. Oh, and a special place in hell is reserved for the ‘I want to get on before everyone gets off’ people. Don’t be one of those people.

6. Keep it clean

Personal space on public transport is at a premium, so it’s important your hygiene is at a basic level. It’s simple stuff: shower daily, use deodorant, wear clothes and don’t burp towards the person sitting next to you.

7. Phone manners

If your phone rings (or better yet, vibrates) and it’s really important, take the call. But there’s no need to yell down the phone so everyone within 30-metres knows your rash is starting to clear up.

8. Privacy screen

Just because your battery has gone flat doesn’t mean you can spy on someone else’s screen. It’s rude, and if you get caught, you just look creepy.

9. Keep your germs to yourself

If kids in primary school can get this right, then so can we. Cough and sneeze into a tissue or your elbow – never your hands.

10. Move to the back

Buses and trains can fill up quickly during peak times. To keep the positive vibes flowing, don’t loiter around blocking the doors and be sure to move to the back, so as many people can stand up as possible.

If you’re thinking about studying at UOW, you’ll find getting to uni and around Wollongong on public transport is easy and often free. If you do need to drive, you can grab two mates and park for free in a dedicated car pooling car park.