While you’re studying overseas, you will need to do some, er, study (sorry, ‘bout that), but the pay off is you get to experience a whole new country! We picked four enticing destinations from different corners of the globe and talked to students who experienced them first hand.


Frozen landscapes, royal palaces, huge elks and, of course, Viking lore – ­ Sweden is in stark contrast to Australia, which only added to the appeal for Emily King who went looking for a unique experience while studying. She found it on exchange to Karlstad among ice and snow and new friends.

“I stayed between Oslo, Gothenburg and Stockholm, which made travel very easy. It still astounds me that I could visit another country in a few hours for less than I would pay for a night out. Being the only Australian in Karlstad, I was pushed out of my comfort zone to make friends from all over the world. The people that I met made my exchange the best six months of my life.” 

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A buzzing metropolis that’s regarded as one of the cleanest and safest cities in the world, Singapore is famous for its mouth-watering street food, lush botanic gardens and contemporary art. Travelling on a New Colombo Plan scholarship  – a government initiative helping Australian students study and undertake internships in the Indo-Pacific region – Thomas Wilkinson found Singapore to be a great base for exploring Asia on a budget. 

“Singapore has a bunch of cool things to see and do, and I spent most weekends exploring the city. There’s a great nightlife and an incredible exchange community. The hawker centres have amazing food from only $3! Travelling throughout Asia was super cheap and I was able to visit Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar and Indonesia for weekend study breaks.” 

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Love the great outdoors? Well, Canada has one of the greatest outdoors of all. As the world’s second biggest country, Canada combines a vast wilderness of mountain ranges and massive lakes with cosmopolitan cities full of culture. If you’re looking for a true adventure, follow Caitlin Platt’s lead.

“I love the outdoors. I jump at activities that involve a bit of adventure and thrill. I went on exchange for six months to Vancouver Island. While in Canada I scuba dived, surfed, snowboarded, kayaked, mountaineered, spent a white Christmas in Calgary and a month in Whistler. I also got to visit all my American friends, who I met while they were here at UOW on exchange. 

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There’s a reason why around half a million Australians visit England every year. With a rich history, strong sporting culture, vibrant nightlife and rolling countryside, the mother country has a lot going for it. And as the English-speaking gateway to Europe, Lauren Jones was keen to get amongst it.

“Being able to do subjects I was interested in with the perspective of another country was a highlight. It was great having the opportunity to take weekend trips to all the places around England I wanted to visit. After I finished my semester at the University of East Anglia I went on an 18-day tour where I travelled with 45 other people to Paris, Switzerland, Florence, Rome, Venice, Salzburg, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam and Belgium!” 

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UOW has over 200 international exchange partner universities in 46 countries waiting for you to explore. A UOW Travel Grant or government study loan can make your trip affordable and because all subjects taken offshore are credited towards your UOW degree, you can still graduate on time.

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