“I’ve never experienced anything like Africa, it’s the most wild and incredible place. During a night safari we were chased by a baby rhino,” says UOW graduate and journalist Amy Russell.
“Which was absolutely hilarious,” she adds.

In her job as a journalist at Australian Geographic Outdoor magazine it’s just one of the incredible stories she’s found herself in the middle of.

When Amy thinks of all the places she’s been, Africa still stands out. “You’ve got elephants trundling past your vehicle; I could have reached out and touched them. We followed lions around, we saw zebras, giraffes and monkeys and rhinos.”

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Today is one of the days when you will find Amy in the office. She is based in Sydney where she works as an editor when she isn’t travelling as a journalist. “One part of my role is working with a design team and putting the stories together, there’s a lot of proofreading and stuff like that. The other part, luckily, is that I get to write stories and travel, which means going out on assignments and meeting people, finding out their stories and writing features.”

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Amy never imagined she would become a travel journalist, but she always wanted to write. “For as long as I could remember I really loved telling stories, I was always really creative and that progressed to telling other people’s stories. I fell in love with the idea of meeting all these amazing people and then sharing their stories with the rest of the world.”

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“Also, I feel really at home in the outdoors. If I’m ever inside for too long I get a little bit stir crazy,” she admits.

“You don’t go into journalism to make money—you do it for the love of it. It takes a lot of hard work. Every day I feel really lucky for my job and I try not to take that for granted, even when the deadlines are difficult or we’re stressed out.

“The places that I go and the people that I meet, not everyone is going to have the chance to experience these things. Not everyone is going to be able to go to Kenya or to Europe, or interview adventurers and scientists.”

“I hope I give people a bit of a window into that.” 


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