UOW's Sustainable Transport Strategy

The University of Wollongong Transport Project commenced in 2008 with a mandate to improve the transport experience for students and staff and achieve a shift from private vehicles to more sustainable forms of transport by addressing some of the barriers to public transport, walking or cycling.  Initially inspired by the increasing negative press about UOW parking problems, the project continues gaining strong support from the University community for its environmental, social and health benefits.

The key aims of this ongoing project are to:

  • improve the transport experience of staff and students by improving commuter choice, health and safety through a suite of initiatives including free shuttle services, free carpool parking, improved cycling facilities, better paths and roads, parking guidance system and other initiatives to support transport needs;
  • reduce the ecological impact of the University to meet our sustainability goals and targets;
  • improve the health and wellbeing of staff and students through active transport options and facilities;
  • reduce the social cost of private vehicle use (including injury) by providing and supporting alternatives; and
  • maximise space utilisation and reduce ongoing financial costs associated with private vehicle usage.

The Transport Project is largely funded by the parking revenue collected from tickets, permits, parking station fees and parking fines from the Wollongong Campus.  The Transport Project is responsible for promoting sustainable transport to staff and students and working to improve UOW, local government and Roads and Maritime Services’ infrastructure to better support sustainable transport and help formulate a cohesive strategy for the region that benefits the UOW community. 

Transport Surveys

UOW carries out transport surveys biennially to monitor progress and identify opportunities for future improvement strategies.  A survey was conducted May 2015 and the results are available in the Transport survey 2015 - survey and strategy summary document - Transport Survey 2015 - survey and strategy summary.pdf .  

A more recent survey was conducted in April 2017 and involved a head count and questionnaire survey.  Results of this survey are currently being collated and a summary of the results will be made available once completed.




Last reviewed: 26 April, 2017