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Ease congestion and reduce your ecological footprint. Consider alternative modes of transport to get to work – you'll avoid delays and won't have the worry of finding a car park. You can make the most of Wollongong's climate by cycling or walking, or try the free shuttle bus or public transport. Carpooling is another easy way to reduce your footprint and save. Support UOW's commitment to a sustainable future.


Feel great and ease congestion by cycling to work. Parking is convenient and safe, and secure parking is available at the Wollongong and Innovation Campuses.


Start the day on a positive note and walk to work – it's cheap and sustainable. Or you could walk in one direction and get the free shuttle bus home. Even if you commute further than walking distance, you can get regular exercise by walking to and from your station or bus stop. 

Free Shuttle Buses

Free shuttle buses connect the University with North Wollongong Station, the Innovation Campus, the CBD and greater Wollongong.


Carpooling is a great way to save money and the environment.  Share the cost of petrol with others and at the same time reduce your carbon footprint.

To compensate for the reduction in permit parking due to the construction of the new Sciences Teaching Facility, a trial for staff carpooling is running.  Parking for staff who have 3 or more in their car is free if you arrive in session between 7.45am and 5.45pm or out of session 7.45am till 3.55pm in the Multi Storey Carpark (P1), and show your staff ID. Regular staff may be handed a carpooling recognition sticker.  Find other people to carpool with using UOW's online carpool matching system.  

Staff who carpool are also able to park for free in the Western Carpark (P4).  Simply bring 3 or more to Wollongong Campus and arrive between 7.45am and 5.45pm in session (out of session till 2.55pm). See the Parking Attendant as you drive in.  


Parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis in sign posted ticket spaces. Permits are available to Staff, though spaces are not guaranteed. Limited reserved parking is also available, on a waiting list.

Travelling from Your Suburb

Discover the easiest and quickest modes of transport from your home to the Wollongong Campus.

Last reviewed: 15 March, 2016